Jim has a laugh about the worst year of his life

Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson, Congress 
Theatre, Eastbourne

Comedian Jim Davidson is currently on a UK tour to thank the public for supporting him through what he describes as the worst year of his life.

His arrest under Operation Yewtree and the nightmare twelve months that followed before he was exonerated of all charges and his comeback beginning with winning Big Brother.

He performed entirely alone at the Congress with no support act and it is the first time I have seen him live. I love his political incorrectness and the way he insults everyone whatever faith, gender or age they are in such a funny way no-one could possibly be offended.

He finished the first half of the show by telling the audience the details of how he was arrested, how he was questioned and how all his work commitments were cancelled.

He was arrested at Heathrow on his way to the Big Brother house and he and his family had to endure twelve months of hell not knowing if he was going to prison before his name was cleared and he started to make his comeback by winning Big Brother a year after he was supposed to do the show.

This episode was very moving as he told it straight, warts and all.

He spent the interval in the foyer signing his book, No Further Action, about his nightmare year before returning to the stage for another hour’s comedy.

Not many people could turn a nightmare into a success and he endeared himself to every member of the audience. He richly deserved the standing ovation he got at the end of the show.