Journey has good and bad points

Sentimental Journey, Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne, Tuesday and Wednesday nights until September 26.

YOU DO have to be a certain age to fully appreciate Sentimental Journey, the Lee-Moon Production devised for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

It not a show for youngsters who would not have even heard of the Cheeky Chappy Max Miller, Max Wall or even Connie Francis.

It is a strange show that doesn’t really flow as it is like watching two different shows in one evening. The first half resembles a combination of Stars in Their Eyes and Britain’s Got Talent without a compere whilst the second half is devoted to the star Jimmy Cricket. He holds the stage for 40 minutes and completely outshines the rest of the company.

He is very funny and very talented, juggling, dancing and of course his signature phone call to Mammy and ending with a letter from Mammy. The show is worth seeing just for him.

It is too long, with an 8.15pm start it didn’t finish till 10.45pm and some of the first half could be cut. Colin Gold, who has made a career of singing impersonating Billy Fury after winning Stars in Their Eyes in 1996 was very good but I felt Tracy Lea did not really capture Connie Francis. However she may not have been at her best as she was absent from the curtain call. Mike Lee did an excellent Mat Monroe and one of the highlights of Act 1 was Barry Moon’s hilarious ventriloquist act with a member of the audience.

I would have liked to have seen more of the ShowtimeDancers, Nick,Janine,Gabriella and another Nick who were really first class.

Sentimental Journey will pack in the holiday makers from the various hotels as it is pure nostalgia for the older generation.

Amanda Wilkins