Laughter, singing and dancing: Feel good musical Our House is a must see

Our House
Our House

People were dancing in their seats, singing at the top of their voices, and clapping their hands to the beat, at the opening night of feel good musical Our House, now showing at Theatre Royal Brighton.

Inspired by the music of Madness, the production follows 16-year-old Joe Casey.

He is celebrating his birthday and wants to impress his girlfriend Sarah.

He breaks into a luxury apartment but when the police turn up he has to decide whether he should run away or face the police.

Set in London’s Camden Town in the mid-80s, the story then follows how each decision could effect the course of Joe’s life.

From running away from the police on that night, he tastes success and wins the girl of his dreams, but at what price?

And by owning up to the deed he struggles to stay out of a life riddled with crime and follows the path of his father who was imprisoned and never returned home.

I found it particularly interesting to see how the performance tackled ethical and moral decisions, and the eventual outcome of each decision.

The version of Joe who fell into a life of crime saw his morals win out in the end and his life get back on track.

But the Joe who ran away from his deed tasted the highlife but then saw it crumble around him. The music is absolutely fantastic with all of the band’s greatest hits including Our House, Baggy Trousers, My Girl, Driving in My Car, The Wings of a Dove, Night Boat to Cairo and the all-time classic It Must Be Love.

If you are a hardcore Madness fan this is the show for you, it will have you dancing in the aisles.

And even if you are not, this fun musical has something for everyone and is a must see.

I was particularly impressed with the performance of Daniella Bowen who plays Sarah. She has the most beautiful voice and her solo performance on stage was emotional and breath taking.

The show is also funny and an uplifting tale of life and love.

Madness are one of the most successful British bands of the last five decades, having released ten studio albums, three live albums and nine compilation albums since their formation in 1976.

If you want an evening of laughter, dancing, and singing - high energy and feel good musical Our House, is a must see.

The show runs until Saturday November 9.

To book tickets call 0844 871 7650, or visit

Tickets £10 - £27.