Make a wise 
decision at the Brighton Fringe

Anna Morris
Anna Morris

Last year, character comedian Anna Morris (BBC1’s Outnumbered) burst onto the comedy scene with her online comedy series Georgina’s Wedding Blogs and her critically-acclaimed solo show Dolly Mixture.

Now she’s playing the Brighton Fringe with Bitchelors, the show that puts the audience in control as character creations compete for your vote at a woman-of-the-year awards.

Hosted by her most popular character, Georgina the Bride, the show promises a choice of four dramatic endings, depending on who you vote for, putting the audience at the heart of the show.

“I wanted to create a piece that put the audience at the centre and gave them a sense of power and control.

“I also wanted a show with multiple endings to pick from, to keep me on my toes and make the show more exciting for me, and for them!

“The audience will have to carefully consider each contestant, and make a wise decision...Because whoever you vote for, will affect the final outcome of the show.

“The characters are all very morally ambiguous. I certainly don’t know who I would vote for!

“Each contestant represents a category: business, domestic, campaigning and media, and explores what it means to be a woman in 2014. Each contestant will have ten minutes to make an impact, and they will use every trick in the book to get your vote: shocking confessions, songs, a rap, a gun...

“For me, Brighton is the perfect place to try out this new show, because they are the friendliest audiences I’ve ever had. I’d love the audience to join in as much as possible, and give me feedback in the bar afterwards. I see all of my shows as a collaborative process between the artist, and the audience. If they have fun, then I will have fun too!”

Bitchelors..., written and performed by Anna Morris will be at The Quadrant,12-13 North Street, Brighton on May 30 and 31.