Moving play has sharp script

Angela Huth’s delightful play The Trouble With Old Lovers is playing at Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne until 27th July.

It is so well written you want to listen to every single word and the talented cast make this possible.

Barrister’s wife Alice goes to a wedding on her own while her husband Tom stays at home to order the things he needs to finish off his terrace at their country house.

Alice meets an old lover and his wife at the wedding which results in them being invited to Tom and Alice for dinner the following night.

They later ring and ask if they can bring a woman staying at the same house who is getting a lift back to London with them.

Lucy is an old flame of Tom but the trouble starts when the mysterious woman arrives as it turns out Tom once knew her very well.

Peter Amory, who has played Devonshire Park several times but as Tom he gives one of his best performances seen on the Eastbourne stage and Nicola Bryant is very well cast as his wife Alice.

The old lovers Edward and Laura are also well played by Simon Linnell and Joanna Waters.

The mysterious femme fatale Mary is carried off excellently by Shona Lindsay.

The play is funny,moving and well directed by Ian Dickens and is played on Ian Marston’s attractive set.