New Brighton cabaret

Proud launches its new Brighton venue, Proud Cabaret Brighton on Thursday, April 26 at 6.30pm, promising new shows with exclusive international acts

Spokeswoman Sophie Goodale said: “Brighton’s revamp taps into the venue’s extraordinary past, the Sassoon family’s former Mausoleum.

The building features a flamboyant trumpet-shaped copper dome, typical of the late 19th century Indo-Saracenic Revival architectural movement.

“The new appearance will bring a touch of exotic glamour to Brighton, offering delicious food alongside a burlesque, cabaret and music entertainment experience.

“Hosting the launch is Vicious Delicious who will introduce the live performances throughout the evening.

The beautiful Banbury Cross, shining star of British Burlesque will be executing her thrilling performances and touching feather fan dances.

“Expect to be astounded by the one and only Kiki Kaboom. Her quirky and scandalous performances are not to be missed.

Showgirl Chi Chi Revolver will combine both magic and gymnastics to her routines bringing a truly spectacular show of glamour and talent.

“If that wasn’t enough, Adriano Fettucini will unveil his Boylesque show, a truly outstanding display of circus skills, cabaret and comedy with a distinctive twist.

Between performances and during dinner the comedic and well-loved Bhagdad Idol will continue to whip the crowd into a frenzy with her tongue-in-cheek variety.”

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