Offstage drama from fighting cast

A Chorus of Disapproval, Meeching Amateur 
Dramatic Society, 
Meeching Hall, Newhaven

Meeching Amateur Dramatic Society has made an excellent choice for their spring production. Alan Ayckbourn’s A Chorus of Disapproval is a play within a play as it is about a Welsh amateur society staging a production of John Gay’s Beggar’s Opera.

Most of the drama takes place offstage as members fight among themselves, decide they do not want to play the part they are allocated and give the long-suffering director a hard time.

Garry Fowler is brilliant as the emotional director and provides a lot of the comedy. Steve Wetherilt is also excellent as the new member who comes in to play a small part, but no sooner has he learnt it he finds himself elevated to another and another until he ends up playing the lead.

There is a hilarious cat fight between prompter Bridget Baines (Aimee Baldwin) who is very funny in the role) and Linda (Mandy Crokovic) over a male member of the cast but all the roles are well cast.

I love Beggar’s Opera and I was very impressed by the scenes and songs from the show – Perhaps MADS should consider putting it on in the future. It was good to see Meeching Hall so full and hopefully they will get the support they deserve for the final performances on January 22-24 at 7.45pm and Sunday 25 at 2.30pm.