Pint-sized opera

La Boheme
La Boheme

La Boheme, Theatre Royal, Brighton, Monday March 26.

THIS was a pint-sized opera which gave theatre-goers the chance to experience the genre in just over two hours.

The performances were fantastic and the vocals soaringly beautiful in this adaptation of Puccini’s opera, set in 1830s Paris.

It followed the love of seamstress Mimi, who suffers from consumption and struggling writer Rodolfo, but of course their romance is destined for tragedy.

Moving and at times funny, this was a really enjoyable evening out, featuring the internationally acclaimed Ukrainian National Opera of Kharkiv with hand picked soloists, a highly praised chorus and full orchestra.

It also starred international sopranos Elena Dee and Maria Tonina.

The set was good too, with the best saved for last when a snow machine was used to evoke the wintry streets of Paris.

I for one hope to see more operas at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

To see this art form in such an historic venue, older than Puccini’s opera itself, seemed to fit.

The audience even had super titles so you could understand the lyrics, performed in Italian.

Samantha Clark