Play stands test of time

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Many moons ago my parents took me to a new comedy written by Marc Camoletti and translated by Beverley Cross and Francis Evans. It was in London’s West End and it was called Boeing Boeing.

It was about a man who lived near Orly airport in Paris and lived his life by airline timetables so he could rotate his three air hostess fiancés who worked for TWA, Air France, and Lufthansa – it was over-acted to the extent that I was bored stiff.

Tonight I laughed my way through the talented Talking Scarlets revival and it was a different play. They performed it so well on a stunning set designed by The World Awake.

There was not a hint of farce, this was pure comedy and very enjoyable. The highlight was not any of the air hostesses, good as they were, but stage and television actress Anita Graham who was hilarious as Bertha the housekeeper to the caddish owner of the flat. S

Ben Roddy was well cast as the man with the three fiancés who was so certain nothing would go wrong but he did not account for bad weather… Patric Kearns has directed the play well, it did not drag but it was not so fast it became farcical, it was just the right pace. This is a good play that stands up well to the test of time.

By Amanda Wilkins