Poetry and puppetry

Barely Human Puppets present Beowulf for the Brighton Fringe in a contemporary, poetic re-telling of the Anglo-Saxon epic using puppetry and live music.

Spokeswoman Jessica Cheetham said: “A Saxon poet tells his tale that rings in the throat – of Beowulf, a hero in search of fame. Barely Human Puppets blend poetry and puppetry in this magical re-telling at the Dukebox Theatre, Waterloo Street, Hove.

“Our contemporary version of the epic, Beowulf combines table-top and shadow puppetry, live music and poetry. A Saxon poet performs his tale entirely in verse, bringing the story to life with a memorable cast of puppet characters, each with their own unique voice and style. The performance style is intimate, drawing the audience into the story created by the ensemble cast, who work together to infuse the space with atmosphere and humour. The production creates a style fusion between ancient and modern.

“All of the puppets are handmade by Daisy Jordan. She carves into Celotex insulation to create the sculpted faces, covers them in paper mache, and builds the limbs out of wood and wire. Kerrie Curzon provides the costumes for the puppets.”

Performances take place on May 3, 10 and 11 at 3.45pm and May 20 at 8pm. Tickets are available from the Fringe box office on 01273 917272 or online at www.brightonfringe.org.