Review: Doc Brown, Brighton Comedy Festival

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It was a sell out show for Doc Brown (aka Ben Bailey Smith) at the Brighton Comedy Festival on Saturday October 12 which came as no surprise after seeing him live on stage.

I can’t think of a comedian who has fused hip hop with comedy before and the combination works very, very well.

In the first instance Ben Bailey Smith used to be a professional hip hop artist - he supported De La Soul on a previous UK tour, he was the MC for a prestigious battle rap event in Soho and has released his own songs too.

The music is good, he is very funny, liberal and a keen observer of the world around him.

All this makes for a show which is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and which works perfectly.

Amongst the songs which really stuck in my mind were an adorable rap about looking after a friend’s cat but accidentally elbowing it in the head, breaking its tooth and the panic that enues.

He also satrises the vein of sexism and homophobia which flows through hip hop music culture.

The sort of stock lyrics which come up in hip hop music come in for criticism too.

In between songs he muses on some of the issues on his mind.

Amongst them: why do mannequins have erect nipples? And why plasters are racist as they only come in a pink flesh colour.

At the end we got the chance to be Doc Brown’s collective ‘hype man’ and finish off the last word at the end of his lines.

What a briliant night - audience particpation, a comedy show which was completely different to anything else out there and a truly talented performer. I really can’t recommend his show enough. And I’m definitely going to see his show again.