Review: Peter Pan on Ice, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Peter Pan On Ice, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

The magnificent Russian Ice Stars are back in Eastbourne having missed a year in 2013.

This year they have brought a great production of Peter Pan on Ice remaining faithful to JM Barrie’s famous story.

A clever twist was having Barrie himself in the show, which opens with him in Kensington Gardens where he got the idea for Peter Pan before he heads for his desk to write the story.

Former World and International skater Valdis Mintals gave a superb skating performance as Barrie and the all-too familiar scene in the Darling children’s bedroom brought a very clever pillow fighting sequence from Denis Balandin and Anton Khlynin as John and Michael.

Anton’s twin sister Anastasiya Khlynina is an excellent skater and a superb Wendy trying to control her rowdy brothers.

This is very much a family company as Valdis Mintals’ wife Ekterina Bokiy is an enchanting Tinkerbell and makes it quite obvious to all she is jealous of Wendy.

There was a cheer when Peter Pan flew on to the ice. Former Russian figure skating Champion only joined the Ice Stars last year but is certainly making his mark as Peter.

Another skater who joined the Ice Stars in 2013 is Alexei Motorin who is a superbly evil Captain Hook.

A new innovation for this show is the use of a narrator in the form of Danny Pike from BBC Radio Sussex.

As Buccaneer Bob from Jolly Roger Radio he tells the story in the form of news flashes, which makes the show completely different from past productions.

But not all children know the story of Peter Pan and as there is no dialogue someone has to encourage the audience to clap if they believe in fairies to save Tinkerbell’s life.

Not only are you treated to magnificent skating there is also a great display of aerial acrobatics and a very brave, talented young lady who skates while spinning a flaming hula hoop.

This is a show for all ages from young children to grannies who were brought up on Peter Pan.

It is a good evening’s entertainment.