Review: Simon Evans, Brighton Comedy Festival, Thursday October 10

Simon Evans
Simon Evans

Sharp, acerbic and cerebral would be just some of the ways to describe Simon Evans’ comedy.

If you get the chance to see him, I definitely recommend him – his delivery is fluid and effortless, while his material is well observed and very, very funny.

As someone who lives in Hove Actually, Simon showed no mercy in tearing into some of the recent trends amongst the middle classes.

People who take on allotments because it’s trendy came in for a ribbing, on the grounds that they deprive people who could save money by growing their own food, from owning an allotment, while they potter around with a Sussex trug and use a Cath Kidston kneeling mat.

He also pointed out that turning up to a dinner party with a box of muddy vegetables you have grown yourself is unacceptable – unless your home grown produce is from the vineyard you own in the Loire Valley.

I loved learning about his family’s trip to Disneyland in Florida which he tried to resist because he doesn’t like going on holiday: apparently it was like going to a funfair and throwing four grand in the bin, although it ended up being more like eight grand.

And it was here that he coined a new phrase to describe the mobility scooters overweight Floridians ride around on: obesicles. I’m going to be using that.

There’s a great skit about how the use of the word park in relation to theme parks, has done for the word park what the Nazis did for the word camp.

We also heard about his daughter’s energetic campaign to get a dog. And his advice for parents is: tough it out, if you wait long enough they will move on to something else, like One Direction.

If you must get a dog make sure it is a lazy stupid dog which won’t stick its snout into anything that you’re doing, like your dinner or the Times crossword puzzle.