Review: The Bullet Catch, Brighton Festival, Sunday May 19, written and performed by Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond, in The Bullet Catch
Rob Drummond, in The Bullet Catch

Rob Drummond takes the audience through the history of the infamous bullet catch, a stunt so dangerous it has claimed the lives of several magicians - even the great Houdini refused to perform it because of the risks.

He also uses the opportunity to question the motives of some of the magicians who previously attempted the trick - even going into nihilist philosophy, explaining that one of the ill fated magicians to try the stunt, believed our actions were predetermined and that we had no free will.

As well as the amazing bullet catch - goodness knows how you do that one - we saw a table being levitated and mind reading, where Rob managed to tell the name an audience member was thinking about by looking at his reaction when he worked his way through the alphabet.

He also demonstrated his skill at working out when someone was lying by looking at them - isn’t that a skill I’d love to have!

The skills shown off by magician Rob Drummond, using his alter ego William Wonder, in the fabulous Spiegel Tent were really impressive and the performance, with its inherent drama, was unsettling, leaving you scratching your head as to how he was able to pull all this off.

If you get the chance to his show, expect to be unnerved, amazed and also anticipate a little bit of comedy to relieve the dramatic tension, you’ll have fun I promise.