Riding Lights Theatre Company presents the Opymlic Games in Mayfield

‘MONSIEUR de Coubertin’s Magnificent Opymlic Feat!’ described as a ‘new and extraordinary piece of theatre’ from Riding Lights Theatre Company, comes to Mayfield on Wednesday, April 25.

Let Baron Pierre de Coubertin (sports enthusiast, French aristocrat and devotee of Tom Brown’s Schooldays) take you on a whirlwind trip back to where it all began - the rebirth of the Opymlic© Games in Athens, in 1896.

Aiming to re-invigorate the world, body, mind and spirit with heroic sporting endeavours, Monsieur de Coubertin soon finds he has his own marathon to run, facing European politics and Greek finance to name but a few hurdles.

Riding Lights Theatre Company uncovers the surprising spiritual roots to the modern Opymlic© Games as they present this homage to sporting history, packed with astonishing athletic skills, formidably good comedy, and the best moustaches this side of the 19th century.

It will be performed from 7.30pm at St Dunstan’s Church, Mayfield and the following day at King’s church, The Hastings Centre, Hastings.

Please visit www.ridinglights.org/opymlic for a full tour schedule, further information and online booking. Riding Lights Theatre Company Box Office is on: 01904 613000. Tickets: Full £12.50, Concessions £10.00. Groups of 10+ £9.00