Rob the radical feminist

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A few months after the birth of his daughter, comedian Rob Rouse can now confirm: he has become a radical feminist.

Rob will explain when he tours to Sussex with a date at the Corn Exchange, Brighton on Saturday, October 13 (01273 709709).

“It feels inevitable for me that when you have a child, you see the world through your child’s eyes. Having had a boy – and obviously having been a boy – I saw the world through his eyes, but then I had a daughter.”

And the perspective changed dramatically. Suddenly Rob was aware of the “incredible sexism” which is still all around us.

“The power – whether for good or not – seems to be held by man, and I think it is so much harder for women.

“There are a lot more questions asked of women in life than there are of men.

“There are so many debates about what women can and can’t do and what they should and shouldn’t do, what is right or wrong and so on – debates that you just don’t get about men. I see that just watching my wife go through it.

“Whether it is good to be a mother and also have a good career or whether you can just be a mother and concentrate on that… and then people think you are failing and missing out in some way. There are so many people watching and judging, whereas it is much easier for a chap to just bimble through life.”

As he says, men aren’t subjected to the eternal traumas of ‘What shall I wear?’ The chances are that a black T-shirt will be fine, whatever it is you happen to be doing…

But boys aren’t exempt from judgement, says Rob who recognises it’s a tough world for children of both sexes.

Picture by Andy Hollingworth