Rock ’n’ roll show was pure nostalgic heaven

The sign of a good show is you never want it to end and I could have sat through another two hours of Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven at the Congress Theatre.

The benefit of being an oldie is you know all the artists and I actually saw Ricky Nelson live at the Assembly Rooms in Derby so this was pure nostalgia for me.

The show includes portrayals of Eddie Cochran, Roy Orbison, Del Shannon, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and Buddy Holly all performed by four talented artists and a small four-piece band.

My favourite was Edward Handoll’s performance as Buddy Holly, he also doubled as Ricky Nelson having played the roll of Buddy in the West End and on tour.

Damien Edwards was equally good as both Del Shannon and Roy Orbison, which he played for three years in The Official Roy Orbison Story from 2000-2003. Eddie Cochran, which is the artist I am least familiar with, was played by young Jonny Labey and Lee Memphis King was Elvis.

He really appealed to the young girls in the audience and gave a good performance but I have never been an Elvis fan.

The band were terrific too, especially Olivier Aslan on drums. It was a really great evening and rock and roll fans will love it.