Rowdy crowd ready for great comedy

Jarred Christmas.
Jarred Christmas.

Krater Comedy Club, Brighton, Friday, March 21

This was the perfect night out at Komedia: a strong line up and compere, a man dressed up as a woman wearing bondage gear while on a stag do and a shouty, raucous crowd who were up for a laugh.

We were treated to straight talking and unpretentious Brighton comedian Zoe Lyons, off the wall and clever Mark Maier, with his talent for accents and overtones of Eddie Izzard and the outrageous New Zealander Jarred Christmas, who brought a fresh insight to some of the UK’s traditions with glee.

It was all effortlessly overseen by irreverent compere Jim Smallman, who toyed with the audience with delight.

At one point we get to decide which stag’s marriage is likely to last, by Jim asking them a series of searching but very funny questions about things like their honeymoon destination.

Fifty per cent of marriages end in divorce, as Jim keeps pointing out to the stags cheerfully.

It’s hard to pick a stand out performer from the line up: I would love to see all of them again.

Favourite jokes from the evening included Zoe Lyons sending up wine snobs who honk on about their favourite vintages.

Zoe’s favourite wine? Box of wine, because you get loads and no one knows how much you’ve guzzled.

Also enjoyed a new term for rose wine from her: Princess Petrol.

Loved the observation from Mark Maier about Americans giving their children positive names like Sunshine, whereas in England we would probably call our kids Gloomy and Overcast.

Jarred Christmas meanwhile mercilessly targeted football, saying if he was a premiership footballer and noticed anyone pretending to be injured and going into the foetal position, he would run up to them and spoon them to speed up the game.

He also really likes the English phrase: ‘Jog on.’ It’s all in the delivery apparently – quiet and yet aggressive, telling us to take a hike and get some exercise at the same time.

By Samantha Clark