Sam’s Halloween show offers comedy magic for all ages

The Sam Jones Halloween Show, Barn Theatre, 

It was good to see The Barn Theatre packed with happy,smiling children – some very small – for The Sam Jones Halloween Show on Sunday, October 27.

The show was a mixture of comedy,magic and ventriloquism and was enjoyed as much by the adults as by the children.

I first saw Sam perform earlier this year when he did an adult comedy stand-up show at the Hampden Arms in South Heighton and he was very funny but I am amazed by his talent as he is good at everything he does.

He is an excellent ventriloquist, a talented magician and a very funny comedian. What is amazing about this young man is he suffers from tourettes but he uses his shows to prove that despite suffering from it you can still be a first-class performer.

To hold an audience which includes very young children for nearly two hours without any of them getting bored is a rare talent and when he does another show at the Barn next year it will no doubt be packed out again.

He was ably assisted in the show by a friend Ben who was equally funny and his assistant and girlfriend Becca who does an amazing magic trick of her own when she manages to put his jacket on inside an enclosed canopy while she is tied up with rope.I have seen her do it before at close quarters and I still don’t know how it is done.

l Sam also does children’s parties and you can contact him by phone on 07910 127922 or email

By Amanda Wilkins