Search for truth

THE Players Collective bring three short Harold Pinter plays to Lewes and Brighton from July 22-28.

Spokesman Lewis Reid said: “Harold Pinter said that he would never explain what he had written but it was all in a search for truth. These three plays are all about seeking that truth in relationships.

“Each of the three plays features two characters who through their dialogue reveal part of their story and examine what they mean to each other.

Dumb Waiter is witty and explores the nature of power; who is the mysterious Wilson? Victoria Station gets steadily more mysterious and who is the woman on the back seat? In Ashes to Ashes what is the nature of the relationship between Devlin and Rebecka? Pinter himself will be speaking a little, albeit through the mouth of an actor.”

The pieces are playing in Lewes at All Saints on Sunday, July 22, Monday, July 23, Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 and in Brighton at the Friends Meeting House on Tuesday 24, Thursday 26 and Saturday 28, all at 7.30.

Tickets available at There will be an opportunity to discuss some of the questions raised with cast and audience after the performance on Wednesday 25 in Lewes and Saturday 28 in Brighton. The Players Collective is a pro-am group devoted to making provocative theatre in East Sussex. More details on