‘Sexism show’ at Brighton Fringe

A new show that looks at feminism and sexism is set to premiere at Brighton Fringe.

A History of Feminism (as told by a sexist pig), by political sketch-writer Lloyd Evans, is at The Blue Man, Queens Road, Brighton, on May 2, 3, 9 and 10 (12pm, free).

The show is for feminists, students, equality campaigners, historians, law-makers and ‘recovering sexist men’.

It’s not a male counter-revolution but aims to be a fresh angle on the equality debate.

New facts and revelations include:

Why Margot Asquith, wife of the Liberal prime minister, opposed women’s suffrage. ‘If women got the vote,’ she said, ‘they’d all vote Tory.’

Emily Wilding Davison died at the Epsom, Derby 1913. Few people are aware that the jockey, Herbert Jones, also later killed himself.

How the Greenham Common protests were secretly inspired by the Yorkshire Ripper.

What Mrs Thatcher said about feminists in private, never in public. “They’re poison. I hate them.”

Why new laws criminalising men who hire prostitutes are likely to fail. And the ‘real reason’ men want female quotas in FTSE boardrooms.

Visit bluemanbrighton.com or call 01273 726003.