Sketch show is better live

Pappy’s Last Show Ever, 
Corn Exchange

I love Pappy’s! There I said it. I love them. I saw this exact same show earlier this year and it was just as good on October 17 as it was then.

You might have seen their show Badults on BBC3, which was brilliant, but live they are even better.

It’s a sketch show with dozens of skits seamlessly woven together by its three members Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry.

They pretend they are old men for some of it, remembering their last show ever, which ostensibly they performed for us in Brighton.

We flit between old Pappy’s reminiscing and young Pappy’s singing and dancing.

And there’s audience participation where one of the audience members marries Ben as part of a sketch.

Their comedy is happy, fun, quite often silly and also clever, all at the same time. Their performances disarm you completely.

You will leave their gig with a huge smile on your face and probably singing the song about gloves and the Computer Haka song.

By Samantha Clark