Slick dance show has a strong storyline

Dance 'Til Dawn
Dance 'Til Dawn

Dance ‘Til Dawn, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

I have not seen any of the Strictly Come Dancing professionals’ shows before so I thought Dance’ Til Dawn starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace would be a showcase for their magnificent talent.

Instead it is a brilliant show with a very strong storyline, which is a clever spoof of a 1940s Hollywood movie. Flavia plays Sadie Strauss, a young starlet whose boyfriend is cheating on her with a blonde Marilyn Monroe type beautifully played by Abbie Osmon, who has a great singing voice.

The show is narrated by seedy private eye Tommy Dubrowski, played by Teddy Kempner ,who provides much of the humour in the show.

Sadie falls in love with Tony Deluca (Vincent) and the chemistry between them is amazing, as is their dancing. As in all great Hollywood movies the lovers are parted when Deluca is thrown in jail and one of the most poignant dances in the show, which brings tears to your eyes, is when Vincent and Flavia are both in handcuffs and dance to the song Stand By Me.

Performed on an excellent set designed by Morgan Large with beautiful costumes from Caroline Hannam, the team of dancers and singers backing Vincent and Flavia are top class. Special mention must go to the lead singer Oliver Darley who sings most of the songs, which will be familiar to most people.

This is a real feel-good show you want to see again and again.