Smoking law show 
set to stir your embers

At this May’s Brighton Fringe, award-winning writer and director Jonathan Brown, and performer Kate Goodfellow are collaborating to create a new one-woman show, Smoking Ban, set in the high-powered world of tobacco marketing.

“So the new ‘smoking in cars with children in’ ban is becoming a reality,” Jonathan says. “Whatever your stance, Smoking Ban will stir your embers and get you in the hot seat.

“Smoking Ban centres around Carol, health and science officer at Anglo American Tobacco, and asks: What happens when the smoking ban goes all the way to the top?

“Imagine you work at the UK headquarters of Ciggy Central, and you’ve just got to be seen to be a loyal user of the product and puff away happily throughout the building or be held with deep suspicion. But then, The Ban kicks in, the building is forced to go smoke-free and all that loyalty goes, literally, out the window!

“Torn between her loyalty to the company and to the primal stirrings deep inside her from a denied First Nation Heritage, Carol plays both sides..... until Jerry, MD of the company calls her into his office to ask her why she’s not been inhaling!”

Something Underground Theatre Company, who in 2012 Won the Best New Play Award at The Brighton Fringe have created another funny, profound and thought-provoking play where high-powered profiteering clashes with Native American traditions and rites, Jonathan said.

Performances are May 23, 24, 29, 30 and 31 at the Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.

Tickets are available from the Fringe box office on 01273 917272 or online at