Spring production 
is one of am-dram 
society’s best shows

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Old Boilers, Meeching 
Amateur Dramatic Society, 

Newhaven’s talented amateur dramatic society has come up trumps with their spring production directed by Garry Fowler as they have got everything right.

The set designed by Garry Fowler is the dining room in a typical run-down Blackpool boarding house that has seen better days.

Everyone is freezing because the old boiler has packed up again and the landlady cannot afford to buy a new one.

Jacky O’Callaghan gives a brilliant performance as Miss Bobby, the landlady, who used to sing in working men’s clubs and longs to go back into show business. Even the clothes she wears are just right.

She gets her Latvian maid to use Febreze on the bed sheets to save changing them as it is not worth giving clean sheets to a hen party.

Robert Horscraft is also very good as the plumber who comes to service the old boiler and, one suspects, Miss Bobby, too.

Emma Ruggins is the Latvian nurse working as a maid in Miss Bobby’s guest house and kept up her accent throughout.

The expected hen party are in fact mature women celebrating the divorce of one of them although she is still obsessed with her ex-husband.

Mandy Crnkovic is first class in this role. Unfortunately they choose a guest house where the ex-husband of two of them is also a resident and Steve Wetherilt spends a lot of time trying to avoid them.

His rather dim employee Josh, played by Kieran Beale, is too busy trying to woo the Latvian girl to understand what is going on.

Garry Fowler has maintained the Blackpool tradition throughout by abandoning the normal raffle in the interval and by having a game of bingo instead, which adds to the fun of the evening.

This is one of the funniest shows MADS has put on and deserves a better audience than it had on the first night.

By Amanda Wilkins