Stand-up explores body confidence

Following last year’s critically acclaimed sell-out show Look At Me at the Edinburgh Festival, Juliette Burton has announced a handful of Brighton and London dates this spring.

The show comes to Brighton Komedia Studio on Thursday, May 28 (6.30pm).

In this show Juliette tackles complex and difficult issues and uses her unique style of comedy to raise mental health awareness.

Her previous hour long show, When I Grow Up, alongside Look At Me, are the first and second parts of a six-part series, which explores identity and what defines us.

Juliette’s appearance has changed over the years – she’s been a size 4 and a size 20 and just about everything in between. Now she’s set to change even more. From wearing a hijab to dressing in a provocative manner, being male, being obese or even being old; can changing our outsides change who we are on the inside?

She will explore what we know about a person from first appearance, the power of ‘the beauty myth’ and nuances of self-perception.

Using Q Lab presentation, original music and interviews with a diverse range of people (physically disabled, cystic fibrosis suffers, cancer patients, obese people, girls who self-harm, models, 70-year-old women, a range of ages, races and genders) this uplifting docu-comedy is a celebration of body confidence and beauty diversity.

Juliette is a regular voice on BBC Radio 4 and on BBC Radio Scotland.