Stand-up tackles cartoon-induced complex

Rebecca Humphries
Rebecca Humphries

Rebecca Humphries offers Dizney Rascal, her debut hour of live comedy at the Brighton Comedy Fringe.

She will be at Otherplace, Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street, Brighton on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26, at 4pm.

“Do you ever feel as though you were promised more from life?” Rebecca says. “I mean, sure, your flat’s great, but it’s no castle. And your boyfriend’s lovely, but he’s hardly a handsome prince, is he? And have you spent so much time talking to animals that you think you might need urgent medical attention?”

Thanks to Walt Disney, Rebecca says she has been plagued by all these doubts and worries. All her life she’s seen Disney movies as close friends, confidantes, and role models. “Yes, they had their faults; they were always a bit conformist, a bit anti-feminist, a bit, well…racist.”

But Rebecca was blind to these weaknesses, spellbound by the stardust. Only now is she beginning to accept that Disney is not all fairy godmothers, dashing princes and flying carpets...

With live accompaniment, Rebecca takes on her cartoon-induced complex through the medium of sketch, stand-up and song. She tackles some familiar tunes with a twist, as well as completely-original numbers, and invites audiences to consider “these privileged princesses, misunderstood villains and frankly questionable moral messages that Disney have been dishing out for generations.”

Call 07800 983 290.