Storytelling, poetry and vivid artwork combined

The Tale of Tommy O’Quire is at Hove’s Dukebox Theatre over the Easter weekend.

Tommy hates everything: his home, his clothes, his fellow man, and most of all, his poverty. He overhears talk of a map that leads to treasure. Greedy for gold, he commits bloody murder and steals the map. Along the way, he meets wolves, monsters, ghost-miners, and the most terrifying thing of all – his own conscience. Storytelling, poetry and vivid artwork combine to tell a new tale in old ways.

Written in verse, and featuring art direction and illustrations from Northbrook College graduate Laura Dumbrell (who has worked with the National Theatre), The Tale of Tommy O’Quire deals with some seemingly heavy moral themes for children, touching on theft and murder, but it is dealt with sensitively for younger audiences, and Tommy gets his comeuppance for his deeds in the end, the producers promise.

The show is being co-produced by Dukebox Theatre venue manager and producer Mill Goble of Atomic Force Productions.

The Tale of Tommy O’Quire runs across the Easter weekend from Thursday, April 2, to Tuesday, April 7, at 3pm and 12.30pm on alternate days. The running time is approx 40 minutes. Tickets (£4 adults, £3 children, £10 family ticket) can be booked in advance via