Tale looks at a lonely world

The multi-award winning artist Stuart Bowden, also known as the ‘Singing Tiger’ in his collaboration with Dr Brown, returns to Brighton Dome’s Studio Theatre with two shows packed to the rafters with awards and top reviews.

The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart from Us is at 5pm, and She Was Probably Not a Robot is at 7pm on Sunday, November 3.

The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart from Us, is a simple story about a complicated, lonely world where Avian is a space explorer. His mission is to rummage around the galaxy, searching for a friendly planet to tow back to earth to keep the world company.

Stuart also presents his latest prototype invention; a lo-fi-DIY-sci-fi-off-beat-storytelling experience called She Was Probably Not a Robot.

A surreal, soulful comedy about a decomposing world and a cosmic visitor, his newest creation features a rambunctious live music and storytelling combo.

Stuart Bowden is an Australian theatre maker.

He currently lives in London where he makes theatre, with home-grown ingredients. Stuart writes, devises, directs, performs and produces his own work.