Tense play with brilliant acting

Go Back For Murder
Go Back For Murder

Review: Go Back for Murder, Theatre Royal Brighton

If you are craving a classic ‘who dunnit’ with a twist, Agatha Christie’s Go Back For Murder, showing at Theatre Royal Brighton, is a must see.

The play, by the Queen of the murder mystery, follows Carla Le Marchant (Sophie Ward), who has travelled to England from Canada searching for the truth about her parents’ past.

Her mother Caroline Crale was jailed for life after murdering her father Amyas.

But Carla is convinced her mother is innocent after receiving a letter, written on her death bed, which claimed she was not guilty.

Carla enlists the help of her mother’s defence lawyer, Justin Fogg (Ben Nealon), and starts her quest to prove her mother’s innocence.

The play is tense, thrilling and intriguing and the audience were left guessing ‘who dunnit’ right up to the end, where there is a shocking twist.

Being a fan of Agatha Christie, I thought the production was absolutely fantastic.

But I did find the first half of the production a little slow to get going.

However the second half is definitely worth waiting for.

As the characters are transported back to the past, you too feel that you have been transported to another world. It is totally absorbing.

Sophie Ward, who also plays the part of Carla’s mother, shines as Caroline, and Lysette Anthony who plays Carla’s father’s lover, Elsa Greer, is absolutely fantastic.

Go Back For Murder was adapted by Christie in 1960 from her novel Five Little Pigs, editing out the legendary detective Poirot for the stage version.

I have to say I felt a detective type character was missed in the adaptation – especially in the first half.

I think Poirot and Miss Marple help act as narrator, and that narrative presence was needed in the first half to introduce the characters and help the production flow.

But the second half spoke for itself and needed nothing more than the outstanding performances from the cast, which led the audience into a world of suspense, secrets and intrigue.

I thought Georgia Neville, who played Caroline’s sister Angela Warren, was particularly good and Andrew Attwood was fantastic as Amyas Crale.

Go Back for Murder is a must see.

The production runs until Saturday, September 14. Evenings 7:45pm and Thursday and Saturday Matinees 2:30pm. Tickets £10 - £27.

To book call 0844 871 7650 or visit www.atgtickets.com/brighton.

By Amie Morrell