Terry’s different kind of comedy

Terry Alderton
Terry Alderton

Those voices in his head will once again be explored as comic Terry Alderton heads out on a tour taking in Brighton’s Komedia on Friday, February 3 (0845 293 8480).

He’s promising a different kind of comedy.

Terry, and his unpredictable alter egos, will entertain with vocal gymnastics, extreme physical pranks and eerie insights into the inner workings of an unusual mind in an hour of stand-up, uninhibited digressions, extraordinary caricatures, acute impressions and bizarre sound effects.

“It’s me exploring my mind,” he explains, “trying to discover what I really do. Hidden depths… or mental illness! I turn my back to my audience and I talk to my inner demons. That’s the mainstay of my comedy.

“Basically, I wanted to reinvent myself. I was at the end of my tether with comedy, and I decided one night to turn my back on my audience and talk to the voices inside my head.

“I had had a bit of a surge in the late 90s, early noughties. I had a TV career. It had all been built up, but then it just came crashing down around me. It didn’t work out. You spend all this time going up and then I made some wrong TV choices. I didn’t think I was particularly showing off what I could do, and then the controlling factors turn around and say they don’t want your services. I crashed down for a while and didn’t really do any comedy and ran myself up a lot of debts.

“But then my wife said to me at the end of 2005 ‘You have got to get out there and do some stand-up’. I was tearing myself to pieces, not knowing who I was any more. I had no purpose any more.”

He did so - and along came the epiphany moment, the realisation that he had to change things: “And that was the start of me getting my confidence back.”

Terry Alderton’s extensive TV credits include The Royal Variety Performance (ITV1), Comedy Store (Comedy Central), The Stand Up Show (BBC One), The World Stands Up’(Paramount),Saturday Live (ITV1), Edinburgh or Bust (Ch4) and The Match (Sky One).