Tribute to a ‘radical leftist’

Writer, former politician and close friend Chris Mullin pays tribute to the former Labour MP and cabinet minister Tony Benn at TOM – The Old Market in Hove – tonight (Friday, June 13) at 7.30pm.

Spokeswoman Sophie Rafalowska-Dunning said: “During his long political career, Tony Benn went through many incarnations: pillar of the Labour establishment, Cabinet minister, tabloid bogeyman, serial dissident and ‘reviled prophet of capitalism’s demise’ (The Guardian), until he eventually in his old age became considered a national treasure.

“Celebrated as a radical left-wing politician, he was both loved and loathed in equal measure by countless voters who had never met him.

“Former Labour minister and fellow diarist, Chris Mullin, for 35 years one of one of Benn’s closest friends, offers a sympathetic but not uncritical assessment of one of the most significant politicians of the post-war era.”

The event comprises a talk, followed by a question-and-answer session.