Twists and turns in desperate search for the truth

Go Back For Murder, Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne

What a joy to see the talented Agatha Christie Company back in Eastbourne with a play by the Grand Dame of thrillers that I had never seen or heard of.

Go Back For Murder was adapted by Agatha Christie herself for the stage from her 1942 novel Five Little Pigs.

It was one of her last plays and was first presented at the Duchess Theatre in London in 1960.

It tells the story of Carla Le Marchant’s desire to discover the truth after she finds her mother Caroline died in prison after being convicted of poisoning her father.

Before she died she wrote her daughter a letter proclaiming her innocence and Carla is determined to discover the truth by re-enacting the scene of the murder in the same house 20 years before.

This production is well directed by Joe Harmston with many red herrings and the play has an excellent cast.

Sophie Ward plays both Carla and her late mother in the flashback in the second act, and the son of her mother’s defence lawyer Justin Fogg is very well played by Ben Nealon.

Her father’s best friend Philip Blake is well played by Robert Duncan whilst his more sympathetic younger brother Meredith is played by Antony Edridge.

The femme fatale Elsa Greer, who is the cause of the rift between Carla’s parents when she became her artist father’s model is played by former model, film and TV actress Lysette Anthony and she is perfect for the role.

It is good to see Liza Goddard back in Eastbourne although this time she is cast in a very unglamorous role of the governess Miss Williams and if it was not for her distinctive voice you would not recognise her, which shows what a versatile actress she is.

This is a production well worth seeing and if you miss it in Eastbourne it is playing the Theatre Royal in Brighton from September 9 to 14.