Two ends of showbiz

The opposite ends of showbiz are explored in a double bill on November 4 and 5 at the Alexandra Theatre at the Regis Centre, Bognor.

That’s Entertainment, which comes from PS Productions, offers two back-stage comedies in one night by Phil Preece, the author of cult comedy House Of Pain.

The first half of the show Mr Blue Sky is set in the dark and miserable dressing-room of a rock and roll venue, representing the bottom end of the entertainment industry while the second piece, That’s Entertainment, takes the audience the very top end of the scale.

They say if you can remember the sixties you weren’t there. Ageing rocker Vince Meager (Mr Blue Sky) was. And he can’t. Or the seventies. Actually the eighties are a bit of a blur, and as for the nineties...

He’s still going the rounds playing the old hits after nearly 40 years, but when a young fan comes backstage to see him after the show, he finds she’s looking for more than an autograph. Vince begins to discover feelings his rock and roll lifestyle has left no time for - until now.

That’s Entertainment introduces the audience to Joe and Lee – The Jolee Boys - a couple of national TV stars at the top of their game.

“We meet them backstage at an awards night where the entertainment industry has turned out in force to honour the duo’s prime-time success,” says Paul Findlay who shares the stage with Steven Humpherson in the piece.

The play reveals that behind the scenes not everything is rosy in TV land. Backstage, Joe and Lee are locked in a battle their audience would never suspect.

As Paul explains, one of them wants to change; one of them wants things to stay the way they are.

It’s a typical piece for the company: “We formed this company for new writing,” Paul says. “We are interested in doing new things on stage, performances that people can relate to and enjoy rather than just rehashing Shakespeare!”

Tickets on 01243 861010.