Unique murder mysteries from improv team

A Murder is Performed
A Murder is Performed

A Murder is Performed is offered at the Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton on May 18, May 25 and June 1 as part of the Brighton Fringe

Spokesman Peter Edwards said: “Our audience create two brand-new characters but, before you know it, one is dramatically murdered and the other is framed for the crime. In farcical style, our hero dashes from place to place, encountering romances and adventures along the way.

“Will he escape jail? Will the murderer get their comeuppance? Find out as a brand new story unfolds during each improvised comedy performance.”

Peter added: “An interesting theme is why we turned to improv. We’ve been praised for our dry wit and always going for the punchline. This happens because we’re all stand-up comedians, who wanted to do improv as a way of freeing ourselves up creatively. The funniest material is always the stuff you think of first, and in what we do that’s exactly what comes out. Plus, we get to find out how the story ends at exactly the same time the audience does! We’ve been together for 18 months, having performed about 25 shows, with about 10 years’ improv experience between us.”

Log on to www.carolineofbrunswick.co.uk.