Well-acted play deserves support

Meeching Amateur Dramatics, Cash On Delivery, until May 26, 7.45pm.

IT WAS sad to see such a small audience watching the latest MADS production at Meeching Hall, Newhaven.

Meeching Amateur Dramatics are a very talented company and the town is lucky to have them. Their 2012 Spring production is Cash on Delivery, a comedy by Michael Clooney. They are trying a new performance structure this year with evening performances on Thursday and Friday 17th May and a Matinee on 19th May then a break until Thursday 24th May when they perform evenings only at 7.45pm up to and including 26th May.

This is a fast-moving comedy by Ray Cooney’s son Michael and Director Tony Gibbs has got the pace just right. So often amateurs fail to get the right pace to make a farce entertaining so it was a joy to see the play flow through.

Eric Swan and his Uncle George have been making fraudulent claims to the DSS for years and pocketing a great deal of money and Eric’s upstairs lodger Norman Bassett inadvertently gets involved when he opens the door to the DSS Inspector Mr Jenkins.

Both Garry Fowler as Eric and Edd Ginn as Norman are the lynch pins of this production and they are an established MADS double act working so well together. Kieran Beal is the unfortunate Mr Jenkins whilst Steve Wetherilt is the rather confused Uncle George.

It was good to see Carla Butler taking a break from her Councillor duties to appear as Miss Chessington.

All the cast are good and it is a very funny and well-acted play. Let us hope they get the support they deserve on their second weekend.

Amanda Wilkins