Hounds Escape, Crawley: A huge sense of achievement and dis-comfortably fun - review

There are many moments in one's life that give you an enormous sense of achievement - but none more so than when you exit an escape room with time still on the clock!

That's what myself, my wife Amanda and 11 year old son Noah did on Sunday at one of the newest attractions in Crawley

We visited Hounds Escape Games Experiences in Queens Square.

Southern Dis-Comfort

Escape rooms have been a phenomenon in recent years and the variety of themes and experiences are incredible.

Hounds Escape has been open (on and off) since September and currently have two rooms - but there are two more in the works.

The first room they opened is called Questionable Ethics and the newest room opened is called Southern Dis-comfort - and that is the one we tried out.

When we arrived we were welcomed by the appropriately dressed and accented Belle and Cleetus. They gave us a run down of the rules before we were temporarily split up into different rooms, aptly named Dum and Dummer.

The Dunfords at the end of Southern Dis-Comfort

And from there any description would act as a spoiler. So all I will tell is the tagline 'hillarious hillbilly anarchy' is perfect.

The puzzles, riddles, clues are extremely clever and although difficult are achievable, and at times frustratingly clear once we had an extra push by Belle!

And it's great to know no matter how much you are struggling, there is always that help at hand to nudge you in the right direction.

And when we finished there was that enormous sense of achievement. We did not break any records but we were pleased with our time.

Questionable Ethics

I will always be amazed at the work that goes into the structure and layout of these rooms and Southern Dis-Comfort is no different. Complex but hugely enjoyable.

We can't wait for the new rooms to be finished - especially the one based around the Acid Bath murderer. If you are looking for something fun to do in Crawley, whether it be with your partner, family, friends or work colleagues, Hounds Escape is a great place to choose.

Visit https://www.houndsescape.co.uk/ for more information to book tickets

Hounds Escape is in Queens Square