Support Guild Care this autumn by attending a Hallowe’en show and taking part in a firewalk

With the relaxing of Covid restrictions, I am thrilled that our charity is now able to start hosting fundraising events again.

In addition to supporting our charity’s invaluable work, such events offer a bit of good fun, which is much needed after the strange year and a half we’ve had.

We are hosting two exciting events this autumn: a special Hallowe’en Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes show on Friday, October 29, and our first firewalk on Thursday, November 4.

The Hallowe’en show is taking place at the Thieves’ Kitchen in Worthing town centre. Tickets are available now, priced at £17.50.

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    Murdoch's Crazy Eyes performing at the Hallowe'en concert fundraiser in 2019

    For those not in the know, Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes is a professional five-piece band that can turn any event into something unforgettable. From cheesy classics and funky grooves to cheery pop and soulful melodies, they’ve got everything you need for a great night out.

    Also, no Hallowe’en celebration would be complete without a best dressed competition. Therefore, the person with the best spooky costume on the night will win a special prize.

    This is the second time we’ve hosted the band. In 2019, tickets for the show sold out quickly and ultimately we raised £2,295 for our charity. So, do make sure to book your tickets quickly!

    Our first firewalk will be at the Thomas A’Becket pub in Tarring. It costs £25 to register and we’re asking for a minimum sponsorship of £100.

    Amanda Tucker, Guild Care's director of fundraising

    Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones. It has a long history in many cultures as a test or proof of faith, and the act is also used in modern motivational seminars.

    A firewalk is the most inspirational journey you will ever undertake. It is, as the name suggests, a barefoot walk over red-hot wood embers measuring around 800 degrees. No tricks, no special effects, just you and the fire.

    The decision to walk across the coals is dramatically life changing. Not just because you have decided to firewalk but because you have consciously decided not to let your fear inhibit your actions. After all, if you can walk safely across hot coals, what else is possible?

    Integral to the night is a seminar teaching you the techniques needed to conquer your fear. Once you take the power away from fear, there is really nothing stopping you.

    All funds raised from the Hallowe’en show and firewalk will be put towards our charity’s work, changing the lives of the most vulnerable in your community. Specifically, Guild Care’s mission is to deliver innovative and life-changing care services which help older people, children and adults with learning disabilities, and those living with dementia and their carers to share and enjoy a richer family and community life.

    You can book now for these events via Guild Care’s website