How you can enjoy Goodwood Festival of Speed even if you can’t make it

Goodwood Festival of Speed is going ahead as a Government pilot event this week (July 8 to 11). Here’s how you can enjoy the fun even if you can’t make it this year.

Festival of Speed 2019. Photo by Derek Martin
Festival of Speed 2019. Photo by Derek Martin

If you are heading to the event, make sure you check out our guide to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. There are still limited tickets available and festival-goers must abide by the Covid-secure pilot policy.

But for those who won’t be going along but still want to enjoy the action, here’s our top tips...

Live stream

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    Festival of Speed 2019. Photo by Derek Martin

    For those of you who can’t make it, Festival of Speed organisers will be running a live streaming service on the website each day, so you can get a glimpse of the festival from the comfort of your own home.

    Three free live-streams will be available on Goodwood Road Racing: full event stream, rally stage and a stream with no commentary. It will also be streamed in batches on Facebook and Twitter, in full on YouTube and on Recast for the first time. The stream will start at 9am on Thursday, 8.30am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and run until the end of the hill action.

    Highlights from the event will also be shown on ITV4:

    The Red Arrows at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017. . Photo by Derek Martin

    Festival of Speed Highlights 1 - ITV4 on Wednesday July 14 at 9pm

    Festival of Speed Highlights 2 - ITV4 on Thursday July 15 at 9pm

    Future Lab HIghlights - ITV4 on Friday July 16 at 9pm

    Air displays

    The Central Feature at Festival of Speed 2019. Photo by Derek Martin

    Residents living nearby can also enjoy the air displays by The Blades and the Red Arrows over the four-day event.

    The timings are:

    Thursday 4pm, The Blades (15 mins)

    Friday, 12pm, Red Arrows (25 mins)

    Saturday, 12pm Red Arrows (25 mins) and 4pm Blades (15 mins)

    Sunday, 11.50am Red Arrows (25 mins) and 3.45pm Blades (15 mins).

    Immersive event

    The Central Feature, the iconic sculpture which stands outside Goodwood House, will head in ‘a new direction to provide an immersive customer experience on-event and from home’.

    This year’s sculpture, the design of which will be kept top secret until the Festival opens, will take a different philosophy and a new, immersive direction, allowing not only those at the event, but also fans watching from home, to interact with it.

    All Festival of Speed attendees and those enjoying the event from home will be able to download the Lotus Aeroad App to interact with the Central Feature from their own device.

    The Duke of Richmond said: “Lotus cars raced with great success at Goodwood throughout the 1950s and ‘60s, including setting the ultimate lap record in 1965, and this year’s Central Feature will serve as a fitting landmark to their past, present and future achievements. The sculpture looks set to be one of the most dramatic and futuristic yet, bringing in elements of interactivity for modern audiences that align with Lotus’ future-facing attitude and outlook.”