Midhurst Rother College set to host tea party to celebrate 350-year anniversary of Foundation

Midhurst Rother College is set to host a tea party to celebrate the 350-year anniversary of the Gilbert Hannam Education Foundation.

The Gilbert Hannam Education Foundation is an independent charity, who are the joint owners of the land on which Midhurst Rother College is built.

The Foundation administers a set of endowments for the benefit of the College, students and alumni.

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The College is calling for alumni that have attended the college or won a Founder Prize to get in touch to take part in the celebrations.

The College wrote: “If you, or a member of your family attended Midhurst Grammar School and won a Founder Day prize, attended Midhurst Rother College and won a Gilbert Hannam Day prize, were Head Boy or Head Girl, or have any other connection to Founders Day, we would love to hear from you.”

Former college students and former Founders Day Winners can get in touch via an online form or by visiting the college’s website.