Paul McKenna – "how to make your 2024 fantastic in just three hours"

In just three hours of reading or a couple of hours at one of his shows, Paul McKenna is promising you will be thinking “Boom! 2024 is going to be fantastic for me!”
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Paul is on the road in support of his new book Success For Life with dates including Brighton Ironworks on March 5. If you want to fulfill your true potential, if you want total self-belief, if you want determination and resilience, more energy and better health, plus increased creativity, happiness and joy, this is the book and show for you, Paul says.

People hold themselves back and self-sabotage and feel that they have impostor syndrome and I think that comes from the first seven years in life when you experience things both positively and negatively. Public speaking is the biggest phobia in the world and it goes back to when you stood up in class and had to read something and you made mistakes and people started to giggle and it just becomes installed in you. These things happen and you hold back and you build in protection mechanisms which become a form of self-sabotage. You think that you can't do something and so you don't try to do it because you fear the disappointment and the sense that you have failed. We avoid things. It’s ‘I'm not even going to attempt to do this. I know I won't be able to do it, then I will feel bad about myself.’”

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Paul intends to change all that: “People ask me how long it takes to write a book and it's about 12 months but actually it's decades. Over the past 40 years I've had the chance to meet lots of super-achievers from the arts and the sports and business and they all have similar strategies because the point is happiness and success are not accidents. They are created by certain ways of thinking and acting. It’s an inside-out job. You change and the world changes.

Paul McKenna (contributed pic)Paul McKenna (contributed pic)
Paul McKenna (contributed pic)

“You can read this book in three hours. One chapter builds on another and another and you get into a state of confidence and self-belief and then you go beyond that and beyond your limitations and beyond your self-sabotage. People think to themselves that they don't want to be overweight or lonely but the more you think about the negative things the more you reinforce them. You get more of what you focus on. It's important to know what you don't want but the point is that you should focus on what you do want. And then if you ask someone what they want they might say ‘Money’ but it's important to ask ‘Why do you want money?’ and then they will tell you they want money for freedom and security. And it's important to realise that it's the freedom and security that they value, not the money, and then when you know your values you need determination and motivation.”

And this is what Paul will lead us towards in his new live event, based on his book Success For Life. He will be performing ground-breaking strategies and techniques for an audience of hundreds of people in venues across the country to help empower and propel them towards unparalleled success. Tickets are on sale now from ““It will be an immersive experience. People come along wanting to be astounded and go away with tools they can use. We finish with a hypnotic trance which is a great space where they can look to the future and feel hugely optimistic.”

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