Shoreham comedian relishes biggest gig so far

Dominique Levack (contributed pic)Dominique Levack (contributed pic)
Dominique Levack (contributed pic)
It will be her biggest gig so far as Shoreham-based Dominique Levack joins the Father's Night Comedy Spectacular for the Chichester Fringe.

The fun starts at 8.30pm on June 14 at The Taco Box, 16 The Hornet, Chichester, PO19 7JG.

Naomi Godfrey will be the master of ceremonies for the evening. She is a stand-up comedian who talks about life around her from her kids and the mischief they get up to to her observations of her home city of Chichester. Appropriate Content are a stand-up comedy split show with Charlie Joyce and Kirk Fontaine. Completing the line-up will be Dominique.

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“I'm really new to comedy,” Dominique says. “I'm a songwriter and music consultant by trade but I took a course with Funny Women and now I have got the comedy bug. I did an online course. I'm writing a musical with a friend of mine about the power of music and it is meant to be funny and so she suggested that we did a course and go online and get acquainted with how to be funny. I did that. It was an online course for a week and I was so taken by it that I then did a workshop with Funny Women in London and then some other bits and pieces and then I started writing my own two or three minute piece. I managed to do a little gig. There is a lovely open mic community on a beautiful houseboat. I asked for a spot and it went very well. It's a mixed audience from young people in their early 20s right up to early 70s. There's just a couple of minutes but I asked if I could do the next one and they said yes.”

And it went from there to applying for a spot at the Chichester Fringe.

As for the show, finding herself single at 50, Dominique will navigate us through her world of menopause, midlife and men. She will be exploring life’s sexentricities plus everything from dating apps to Turkish barbers.

“We talk about all sorts of things. I'm 56 and I talk about online dating and being middle aged and single and what a car crash that is. I talk about my observations about men and maybe that's why I am single! I talk about the beautifulness of men but the difficulty of getting one. I love men and I would like to have one all of my own.”

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Part of the fun will be that this is certainly her biggest gig so far: “I'm really chuffed to find a hobby at my age that I love.

" It's like falling in love again and I'm just really curious to find out where I can go with it.

“They have given me 15 minutes.

"Generally you get 10 if you're lucky or maybe 20 if you are well known so this is very much the bigger end of it all and it is certainly my longest gig so far. It feels like going from a scout hut to the London Palladium!”

Dominique’s hope is to fill a gap in the market. As she says there are not many women comics of her age about at the moment.

Tickets from the Chichester Fringe. This event is suitable for 18+.

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