Two years of work from Sarah Money

Sarah Money (contributed pic)Sarah Money (contributed pic)
Sarah Money (contributed pic)
Sarah Money offers an exhibition of her paintings and sculptures 2022-2024 at Star Brewery Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane, off Fisher Street, Lewes, BN71YJ from June 1-9 (open from 10am until 4pm; not open Monday 3).

“I simply wanted to put together a collection of some of my work from the past two years. I had a very positive and successful solo exhibition at the Star Brewery in 2022, and I was keen to exhibit my work in the same space. It is a lovely gallery space to exhibit in.

“My work over the last couple of years has continued to move, change and evolve. My sculptures feel increasingly personal and true to me. I have found myself creating work that holds feeling, emotion and empathy. The pieces are less figurative; I am finding myself continuing to explore form and have been producing pieces that are more abstract. I sculpt both live models in a class at the Paddock Art Studio in Lewes and with my own ideas and imagination in my studio at home. It feels good to let my process go where it goes, that I am free to go where I go, if that makes sense. I feel compelled to let my creativity flow and to allow myself to push both my personal and creative boundaries. My painting process has felt dynamic and free. I describe myself as a colourist among other things when talking about my paintings. I have been painting both figurative and landscape works. I use oil, water colour, as well as charcoal. It is an instinctive and spontaneous process, with, as far as I am aware, no obvious or planned order of things.

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“My objective for this exhibition is to provide a space for my paintings and sculptures where people can come and experience the work for themselves. I don’t want to place any particular focus on my work, nor any theme.

"I want my work to be seen, to be felt in an emotional sense, and, to be, in the case of my sculptures, literally touched. I genuinely look forward to people’s honest responses and feedback.

Sarah added: “I live and work on the Bentley Wildfowl Estate.

"Throughout my adult life I have performed in physical theatre and contemporary dance and attained a BA Hons degree in dance.”