Worthing playwright offers suspenseful tale of revenge

Worthing playwright Rebecca Frew offers the debut of her new piece Barmaids in the town’s Cellar Arts Club on February 29 at 7.30pm – the latest chapter in a run of stage success after taking a playwriting course in Brighton.
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In the piece Mia has worked hard to set herself up a quiet new life, running a pub in the countryside. But when Bianca bounds in, Mia is intrigued by her chaotic nature and gives her a job. As the two try to figure each other out, a dangerous game begins. Secrets will be spilt in a play which comes with the tagline “revenge is best served vintage.”

Past productions include Safe and Sleep Tight. Rebecca’s next play Who Killed Florence? is in rehearsals for its debut in Worthing this spring.

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“Barmaids is my first piece this year, a two-hander about two women and a suspense piece. The two women meet when one of them is running this pub and the other, Bianca, comes in looking for a job. She is quite forceful and a bit out there while Mia is completely the opposite, quite reserved and likes everything in order. But Mia takes her on, and the scenario is these two women together and little things start happening throughout and then at the end there is revenge involved...”

Rebecca Frew (contributed pic)Rebecca Frew (contributed pic)
Rebecca Frew (contributed pic)

Tickets are available from wegottickets.com.

“I did a course at ACT Brighton. They do a lot of writing courses there and I signed up for one last year. I've always been fascinated by scripts and I used to print them off and read through them. I always have stories in my head and scenarios so I thought I would try it.”

As a result Rebecca wrote Safe: “The story for me came about because my partner and I had been going to do run in Cornwall and we went to a place where there was a weird vibe about it. And I started thinking what could happen there. We were just visiting. Everybody had said it was the best coffee there in Cornwall so we decided to test it out. And there was something strange about the place. But really it was about a person there that I had this feeling about, a person who was the artist in residence there. He was just very intriguing and slightly odd. He did come and speak to us and was absolutely lovely but I just had the feeling that there was something slightly off about him. There was a basement where you could go and see some sort of installation and I just started thinking what could be in that basement. And I imagined that there could be someone in that basement.

“The whole idea is started with this creepy man and a girl in a basement but I didn't want it to be just about that. The girl wakes up. She's been on a night out. And she thinks she has stayed around this guy’s place and doesn't really think too much about it but then she wakes up in this basement… They start having a conversation.

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"She is trying to find her bag but he is just saying these weird things at the same time but she doesn't really pay attention to that.

"But then she goes to leave and she can't find the door. There is no door. And then he starts saying he is not there of his own free will either. He says he is stuck down there too. And it is all about whether he is telling the truth and just what you can believe...”