VIDEO: food and drink special

It’s no secret that the way we dine and now choose our dining destinations are evolving at a pace. The shift from reading restaurant and bar reviews in the paper to relying instead more heavily on word of mouth and recommendations via social media is resulting in another trend – the democratisation of dining.

As restaurant goers and avid cocktail drinkers, we are now able to make more informed decisions about what and where we eat due to obvious readily available social media tools such as Twitter and Instagram making our interest and knowledge of food and drink trends even more ingrained into daily life.

This also means we can be much better placed to critique and seek out new, more unusual experiences in dining.

With current food and drink trends showing that as people embrace more theme-specific events, with a focus on entertainment as a big part of the dining and cultural experience, what are the key trends that we can look forward to enjoying in the coming years?

In an Out and About special, this video sees key Courvoisier The Future 500 ambassadors, Hayley Sudbury and Angella Newell of Tasting Sessions and Mike Knowlden, co-founder of design studio and catering company Blanch & Shock share their insight on the major factors driving food and drink trends over the coming years and impart their knowledge into what sorts of culinary adventures and ingenuity chefs, mixologists and restaurateurs need to be employing to keep consumers entertained.

Alongside this, experts provide insight into food and drink trend development and pin point what the up and coming trends are for 2013 and beyond.