VIDEO Wilson decision is ‘right place, right time, right club’, says Rooks director Dobres

Lewes FC Director Charlie Dobres expressed his delight at sealing the appointment of Garry Wilson, saying the decision was the ‘right person, right time, right club.’

The Rooks marketing manager described the process to replace Simon Wormull as “exhaustive,” adding that the overwhelming interest in the manager’s post showed just how prized the job was within Sussex football.

Charlie Dobres

Charlie Dobres

Mr Dobres said: “It (interviews and selection) was a very exhaustive process, like last time around.

“We had 29 applicants in total, six of the applicants were interviewed by a selection panel – a sub section of the board and the club secretary and also people like Ibbo (Steve Ibbitson). So we used the full range of expertise and experience that we could.

“And after that six there was another selection process and some final interviews, and we ended up with Garry Wilson – and we’re extremely pleased and very very happy to have made that appointment.”

He added: “It was pretty straightforward (the decision to appoint Wilson). I mean, we were very fortunate to get some very good candidates.

“It’s saying something about the Lewes FC manager’s job that it’s something that people really want. It’s a real prized job in Sussex football, there’s no doubt about it.

“I think with Garry it’s just a matter of the right person, right time, right club, so we’re excited about the prospects.”

Mr Dobres was speaking on Wednesday evening, just as Wilson was due to meet some of the Lewes players formally for the first time at the Pan.

“I’m not sure how many of the players he’ll meet tonight,” he said.

“He’ll obviously try and meet as many as possible. It was only very recently that he was appointed; so yes, those he doesn’t meet tonight he’ll meet at another date.

“But Garry already knows the Sussex football scene very well. I think he kind of knows most of our players pretty well already.

“So between himself and Danny and the rest of the management team, I think they’ll already have a pretty good idea.

“But we’ll wait and see. We’ve picked a manager that we very much trust, his judgements – we’ll just wait and see what he comes back with.”