What’s On May 11



Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Road: Fringe Event – Mike Sheer, Undergod, 8.15pm May 16/17.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: Krater Comedy Club, until May 13; Alex Horne: Seven Years In The Bathroom, 6.45pm May 13; Revenge of The Cat Lady: Susan Calman, 7.15pm May 13/14; Jimeoin: Lovely, 8pm May 14; Tick My Box and Fully Furnished, 9pm May 15/16; New Act Night, 8pm May 15; The Noise Net Door’s Comedy Lock-in, 8pm May 17; Krater Comedy Club, May 17-20; Guy Pratt’s Wake Up Call, 9pm May 17.

Laughing Horse at the Temple, 121 Western Road: Fringe Event – Hanks and Conran: Pigs In Blankets, 10.45pm May 11.

Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince’s Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – The In Crowd with David Mills, 9.30pm May 12.

Northern Lights Bar, 6 Little East Street (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Comedy Power Hour, Dec Munro, Paul Ricketts, Chuquai Bill and Daphne Baram, 6.30pm May 12; Smorgasboard: Stand-Up Comedy by The Sea, 8.30pm May 12.

The Quadrant, 12 North Street (01273) 733238: Matt Green: Playful, 7.30pm May 6; Charmian Hughes, Charmageddon! 5pm May 13.

The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road: Fringe Event - Stella Graham – Karma Comedian, 9.30pm until May 12.

Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street 01273 917272: Fringe Event – The Silky Pair: Open Up, 10pm May 15/16.


Winter Garden (01323) 412000: Screaming Blue Murder Comedy Club, 9pm May 11.


Assembly Hall Theatre (01892) 530613/532072: Jimeoin – Lovely! 7.30pm May 15.



Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Ashley Fripp piano, 1pm May 17.

Music Room, Royal Pavilion (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Matthew Rose (bass), 8pm May 13.

St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street: Fringe Event – English Chamber Choir, 7.30pm May 11; Sussex Symphony Orchestra presents CSI Opera, May 19, 7.30pm. Tickets at £15, concessions at £10, children (under16) & NUS - £5 Available from: Festival Box Office 01273 917272; Orchestra Offices - 01273 415384; ssotickets@talktalk.net or online at www.ssomusic.co.uk/Forthcoming/Saturday-May-19th-/ or http://andywooler.info/sso/?p=79 and on the door on the evening..

St Nicholas Church, Dyke Road (01273) 709709: Fringe Event - Guitar Masters Concert with Francisco Antonio, 7.45pm May 17.

The Old Municipal Market, Circus Street (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – The Opera Group, Bow Down, 6pm May 17/18.


Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: Caroline and Aleksander Szram, chamber-music on cello and piano, 2.45pm May 13. Tickets from 0845 680 1926 or www.undergroundtheatre.org.uk


Garden Entrance, Lewes Priory: The Sound of Sacred Music, 7.30pm May 11. The evening begins with a candle-lit procession from the east end. Bring a night light or candle. Admission free, donations to the Trust warmly welcomed.



Brighton Centre 0844 847 1515: Elvis Costello, The Revolver Tour, 6.30pm May 16.

Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Africa Express Sound System, 8pm May 12.

Fishbowl, 74 East Street (01273) 777505: Jeff Daniels, 9pm May 11; Sam Redmore (Leftfoot, Birmingham), 9pm May 12.

Globe: Alternative Great Escape, 9pm May 11/12; Rockoustic, 8pm May 13; Global Bass, 9pm May 16; Hang The DJ, 9pm May 17.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: Movin Melvin Brown: Soul to Soul (I Have A Dream), 7.30pm May 13; Peter Stracker’s Brel, May 14-17/19; Justin Currie (Del Amitri), 7.30pm May 15; Spiers and Boden, 8.30pm May 16; Mountain Firework Company, 9pm May 16. Fringe Event – Peter Straker’s Brel, 9.30pm May 14, 7pm May 15/16/18, 4.30pm May 19.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: The Great Escape, May 11; Howler, May 12.

Paris House, 21 Western Road: Remi Harris, May 17.

Signalman: Open Mic Night, 8pm May 13.

St Mary’s Church, St James’ Street (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Erased Tapes: Fifth Anniversary Night, 7pm May 11.

The Hope, 11-12 Queens Road (01273) 325793: The Great Escape, May 11/12; Soul Casserole, 9pm May 11/12; Lowe Dens, 7.30pm May 14; Fantasticus, 8pm May 15; Fantastic Racket, 8pm May 16; The EME, 8.30pm May 16.

The Mesmerist, 1-3 Prince Albert Street (01273) 328542: Razorbacks, 9pm May 17.

The Victory, 6 Duke Street (01273) 326555: Kinema, 9pm may 12; Blues Sunday, noon May 13; Open Mic, 8pm May 17.

White Rabbit, 13-14 Kensington Gardens: WTF? Brighton 8pm May 11; The Black Fields, 8pm May 12; Hush Hush, 8pm May 13; The Move-ons Open Mic Night, 8pm May 17.


Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: Black strap Molasses at the regular coffee morning, 10am-noon May 12.

Winter Garden (01323) 412000: The Cribs, 7pm May 13; John Mann Music Show, 2.30pm May 17.


White Rock Theatre (01424) 462288: The Magnets, 7.30pm May 15.


Elephant & Castle: Lewes Saturday Folk Club – So Last Century String Band, May 12.

The Royal Oak, Station Street: Folk at The Royal Oak – John Kirkpatrick, 8pm May 17.


Royal British Legion, Claremont Road: Seaford Folk Club – Singers/Musicians, 7.45pm May 11.


The Ravenswood: Sunday Lunch Jazz: Jazz Nucleus, May 13; Pete Mabey & Roger Hind Quartet, May 20.



Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Astronaut, 12.30pm May 14; Keepers, 8.30pm May 14; Operation Greenfield, 9pm May 15; Apparition, 7.30pm May 17/18.

Caroline of Brunswick Pub, 39 Ditchling Road (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Loving London: The Capital Cabaret, 7pm May 17; Fringe Event - We Won’t Rock You, 5.50pm May 11-13; Rattle Tales, May 14.

Gulliver’s Hotel, 12a New Steine: Sinful, 6.30pm May 11-13/17-20.

Iambic Arts Theatre, 38 Regent Street (01273) 572101: Fringe Event – Shakespeare Unbound, A Gift to the Future, 2.30pm May 11/12; Une Ile, 7.30pm May 14/15, 9pm May 16.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: Fringe Event - Mat Ricardo – Three Balls and a New Suit, 7pm May 17.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: Gogol, 6pm May 13-16; Sadie and the Faded Ladies, 6.30pm May 13; East, 9.30pm May 14-16.

Laughing Horse at The Hobgoblin, 31 York Place: Kiss of the Red Menace, 4.30pm/8.15pm May 27, 4.30pm/9.30pm May 26.

Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince’s Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Pig-with-the-face-of-a-boy, 10.15pm May 11; Rachael’s Cafe, 9pm May 15-17; Pig-with-the-face-of-a-boy, 10.45pm May 12; The Black Dog and Other Influences, 4.30pm May 12/13; Something Fishy, 6pm May 12/13, 7pm May 15.

New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place (01273) 746118: A Streetcar Named Desire, until May 19.

Queens Park, West Drive (01273)709709: Fringe Event – Twelfth Night, 7.30pm until May 12/17-19, 2.30pm May 13 (mat 1pm May 17).

Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton University, Grand Parade (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Polly Dunbar, 10am May 12 (4-7yrs); Mackenzie Crook, The Windvale Sprites, noon May 12 (8yrs plus); Andrew Lane: Young Sherlock, 2pm May 12 (10yrs plus); I’m Hans Christian Andersen, Rachel Rose Reid, 6.30pm May 12 (14yrs plus); Wrong Pong, with Steven Butler and Chris Fisher, 10am May 13 (6-8yrs); Andy Briggs, Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy, noon May 13 (10yrs plus); Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, 2pm May 13 (9yrs plus).

Skylight Theatre, Brighton Marina (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – The Importance of Being Earnest, 8pm May 13-27.

St Andrews Church, Waterloo Street: The Pebble Trust Young Artists’ Platform, 7.30pm May 12.

St Peter’s Church: Sam Halmarack and The Miserablites, 9.30pm May 17-19.

Theatre Bus, Brighton Marina (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Revlon Scarlet Rescues the Crown Jewels, 4.30pm May 13-27 (6-11yr olds).

Theatre Royal 08448 717 650: Fringe Event – A World I Loved, narrated by Vanessa Redgrave, 7.30pm May 12; Oedipussy, 7.45pm May 14-16; Swimming With My Mother, 6.30pm May 16, 6pm May 17/18; Matthew Bourne’s Early Adventures, 7.30pm May 17/18, 2.30pm/7.30pm May 19.

The Basement (01273) 699733: Fringe Event – Performer/Audience, 7.30pm May 12; Black T-shirt Collection, 5pm May 13; Condensed Choreographies, 7.30pm May 16; Predator, 7pm May 17/18; We Hope That You’re Happy (Why Would We Lie?) 8.30pm May 17; I Guess if the Stage Exploded, 8.30pm May 18.

The Grand Hotel (01273) 709709: Fringe event - Private Lives, 3.15pm May 12/13.

The Jive Monkey, 5 Steine Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Wanted for Crimes Against Jazz, 9pm May 15-17.

The Lectern, 5 Pelham Terrace, Lewes Road (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – All Fingers and Thumbs, 9pm May 16-19.

The Sabai Pavilion, Victoria Gardens, Grand Parade 08717 050705: The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Carnival Queens, until May 27.

Thistle Brighton, Kings Road (01273) 763244: Faulty Towers The Dinging experience, Tues-Sun 8pm for 8.30pm, Sat/Sun 1pm for 1.30pm, until May 27.

The Old Municipal Market, Circus Street (01273) 709709: Land’s End, 6.30pm/9pm until May 13.

Upstairs at The Lecturn, 5 Pelham Terrace, Lewes Road (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – All Fingers and Thumbs, 9pm May 16-19.

Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street 01273 917272: Fringe Event – Harlow’s Monkeys, 7pm umtil May 12; Churchill’s Children, 3pm May 11-13; The Man With the Golden Pen, 6.45pm May 15-17; The Jolly Folly of Polly the Scottish Trolley Dolly, 8.30pm May 15-17, 7pm May 18/19.

The Rock Inn, 7 Rock Street, Kemptown (01273) 697054: Big Daddy Vs Giant Haystacks, 8pm May 12.

Vardean School, Balfour Road (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – The Comedy Illusionists, Slightly Unusual, 7.30pm until May 14/17-19.


Congress Theatre (01323) 412000: Save the Last Dance For Me, 7.30pm until May 12 (Sat mat 2.30pm).

Devonshire Park Theatre (01323) 412000: The Goldoliers, 7.30pm until May 12 (Sat mat 2.30pm); Blonde Poison, 7.45pm May 14-16 (Wed mat 2.30pm); DNA, 7.45pm May 17-19 (Fri/Sat mat 2.30pm).

The Lamb Theatre 0845 680 1926: The Man With The Golden Pen, 7.30pm May 12.

Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: The Virginia Monologues, 7.30pm May 12. Tickets 0845 680 1926 or www.undergroundtheatre.org.uk


White Rock Theatre (01424) 462288: Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, until May 12; The Good Old Days of Music Hall and Variety, 2.30pm May 17.


Village Hall: Newick Amateur Dramatic Society presents A Touch of Danger, 8pm until May 12. Box office 01825 722359 or 01825 722985.


Community Centre, Windsor Way: Polegate Community Association Drama Group present Stepping Out, 7.45pm until May 12 (Sat mat 2.45pm). Tickets from Archer and Partner, 48 High Street (01323) 483348 or www.polegatedramagroup.co.uk


Assembly Hall Theatre (01892) 530613/532072: Chicago, 5pm/8.30pm May 11/12; Science Museum Live on Tour, 7pm May 14, 10.30am May 15; The Good Old Days of Music Hall and Variety, 2pm May 16.


Connaught Theatre, Union Place (01903) 206206: Haunted, 7.30pm May 15-19 (Wed 2pm, Sat 2.30pm mat).



Village Hall: Plant Sale, 9am-noon May 12. Annuals, perennials and some vegetables.


De la Warr Pavilion Restaurant (01424) 229111: An Evening with Richard Wilson, May 11.


Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: My Mini Disco, 2pm May 13; The Silent Movie Experience, May 13/27.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: Stories with Tea, 4pm May 13; Cafe Scientifique, 8pm May 15; Speaky Spokey, 8pm May 16.

Marina Pontoon 6 (01273) 709709: Fringe Event - Marcia Farquhar, Split Guitars and Other Tales, timed appointments every 30 minutes, 2pm-9.30pm May 20.

National Spiritualist Church, Edward Street: Fringe Event - Open Day: Crafts, stalls, talks and exhibition, May 12; Creative Clairvoyance: private readings, noon-5pm May 12.

Preston Park: Moscow State Circus, May 16-29 (now show on Mon May 21).

Sallis Benney Theatre (01273) 709709: Fringe Event - Enid Blyton Book Quiz with Peta Taylor, 4pm May 13.

St Peter’s Church: Mrs McMoon, 10am May 15; A Long Nose Puppet’s Music Making Workshop, 10am May 16.


Charleston Farmhouse (01323) 811626: Omega Woodcut Workshop, 10am-5pm May 15.


Kidbrooke Park, Priory Road: Mansion Market, 11am-4pm May 12. Free admission and parking.


The Old Market, Upper Market Street (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – The Book Show with Mariella Frostrup, 1.40pm-3pm/4.40pm-6pm May 12.


Village Hall: Laughton Village Hall Market, 10am-noon May 12.


Lewes Arms: Lewes Poetry, 8.30pm May 17, starring poet and storyteller Simon Welsh plus open mic poets, prize limerick contest and MC Ollie Wilson.

Lewes Priory: Southover Bonfire Society annual Feast of St Pancras May Fair, May 12. Birds of prey, archery, cannons, wet stocks, artists, alchemist, bee keeper, miller, wood turner.

Zu Studios, 7 Phoenix Place: The Phoenix Fair, 11am-6pm May 12. Saturday market, arts and crfts, second-hand stalls, massage and healing, fun and games.


Bowling Club, Fort Road: Newhaven Bowling Club Open Day, 10am-4pm May 12. (Juniors 10am-11am). Equipment available but please bring flat shoes. Refreshments available.

Lewes District Council offices, Fort Road: Norman Baker MP Surgery, May 12. By appointment only, please call 01273 480281.


Nutley Windmill, Crowborough Road (01435) 873367: National Mills Weekend, mill open 2pm-5.30pm May 12/13.


Plumpton College, Ditchling Road: Open Day, from 10am May 12.


Town Council office, 37 Church Street: Norman Baker MP Surgery, May 12. By appointment only, please call 01273 480281.


Village Hall: Selmeston and Alciston Village Market, 10.30am-noon May 15. Home made cakes, bread, local free range eggs, top quality gift stalls, plants. Refreshments and bacon sandwiches available.


Windmill: National Mills Weekend, Long Man Morris Men, 2.30pm May 13.


Willingdon/Polegate Windmill, Mills Day, 11am-5pm May 13. Radio Club, barbecue at noon, Long Man Morris Men 1.30pm.


Windmill: National Mills Weekend, Long Man Morris Men, 3.30pm May 13.



ink_d gallery, 96 North Road: Me, Marionette by Graham Carter, until May 27.

Lighthouse, Kensington Street: Fringe Event – Audience/Performer, film and video works by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, 11am-6pm until May 26.

National Spiritualist Church, Edward Street: Fringe Event - Feast Your Senses, noon-5pm until May 26.

The Regency Town House: Fringe Event – Brighton Palermo Remix by David Batchelor, noon-6pm Wed-Sun, until May 27.

University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade: Fringe Event – Hangover Square by Patrick Hamilton, 11am-7pm Mon-Fri, 11am-5pm Sat/Sun, until May 27.

University of Sussex, Arts A, Room 108: Sir Basil Spence and the university of Sussex, 50th anniversary exhibition, 10.30am-5.30pm from May 10.


Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: Andrew Voller, 10am-4pm until Aug 24.


Chequer Mead (01342) 302000: The Indigo Group, until May 16.


Hop Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane: People and Places; Somewhere, 10.30am-5pm Mon-Sat, noon-5pm Sun, May 12-20.

Patisserie, 5 Station Street: Meditation on Reeds by Sarah Paget, 8am-5.30pm Mon, 8.30am-6pm Tues-Sat, until May 31.

St Anne’s Gallery, 111 High Street: Earth Works, new paintings by Michael Cooper, Maria Kuipers and Mark Johnston, 10am-5pm Sat/San, May 12-20.


The Half Moon: Landscapes of Streat Lane and Beyond, showing throughout May.


Trinity Theatre (01892) 678678: Will Taylor, until May 12.



Alfriston School: Zumba, Mon 7.30-8.30pm. Louise 07786 425758.


Village Hall: Arlington Art Group, untutored and informal, all ages and abilities, 7-9pm Thursdays. More information from 01323 485153.


Hotel: Birling Gap Safety Boat Association meets on the first Thurs of every month. Call 07884 101 505 or come down and speak to the crew.


Village Hall: Village Hall Market, first Saturday of every month 10am-noon. Fresh produce, usual craft stalls. More info 01435 863795.


Beechwood Hall, Beechwood Lane: Every Tuesday 10am-noon, Bumps and Babies Drop-in group. Meet other parents, soft flooring and toys for babies. More info lewesparentssupport@nct.org.uk 08442436187.


Kip McGrath Tuition Centre: Revision classes in Maths, English and Science. For details call 01892 611599.


St. Leonard’s Church Hall, Heighton Road: Over 60’s can stay healthy or work their way back to good health with movement to music at an Extend class. Wednesdays 2.15-3.15pm. Further details from Jenny on 01273 515373.


United Reformed Church hall, Upperton Road: Concentus Chorale. Rehearsals Mondays, 7.30-9.45pm. For details ring 01323 643358 email supergran009@aol.com


Village Hall: Village Hall Market, second Saturday of every month 10am-noon. Fresh produce, usual craft stalls. More info 01323 811286.


All Saints Centre (small hall): Drum Unity – Community drum circle, kids and parents 7pm-7.30pm, adults only 7.45pm-8.30pm Mondays; Pre-school drum group, 9.30am under 3s, 10.10am 3-5yrs, Mondays. Tel: 07845 244692 email infor@drumunity.co.uk

All Saints Arts Centre, Friars Walk: Oyster project Drop In and Community Cafe, every Wednesday 11.30am-2.30pm. Home cooked hot lunch with veggie option, snacks.

Children’s Centre, YMCA: Every Friday 10am-noon Bumps and Babies Drop-in group. Meet other parents, soft flooring and toys for babies. More info lewesparentssupport@nct.org.uk 08442436187.

Crown Court bus stop: In and Out of Twittens, tours around Lewes High Street finding bits not in the guide books, 11am/2.30pm Wednesdays, June-Sept, £3.50. Details (01323) 890179.

Dairy Studio: Young artists (11+) and little artists (8+) paint in a professional art studio, alternate Sundays in term time, call Susie 858438/www.dairystudio-art courses.

Elephant and Castle (upstairs): Concertinas Anonymous, informal sessions for concertina players, 8pm second Tues evening of the month. Admission free.

Hesketh Potteries: Painting on Pots, Saturday, 10am-4pm. Adults and children welcome. Call Chris 01273 487150 or just pop in.

House of Friendship, 208 High Street: Cruse Bereavement Care Lewes Drop-in, 10-11am newcomers, 11am-noon main group, Fridays.

Lewes FC: Five week Health and Lifestyle Information Course, Tuesdays 10.30am-12.30pm. £2 per session.

Lewesiana, High Street: Introduction to DSLR photography classes, 6.30-9pm Mondays from Sept 5. Jerry 07711 519948.

South Malling Parish Church: Sussex Harmony, a small group of singers and instrumentalists perform the music of old rural England and America. Practices Thursdays 8-10pm. Try it out with a friendly, enthusiastic group. Ring Paula Arthur 01435 830934 and get lots more details from www.sussexharmony.org.uk

The Body Workshop: Zumba Weight Loss Sessions, 11.30am-1pm Tuesdays. For details and to reserve your place call Julie 07733 099735.

The Pelham Arms (01273) 476149: DJ Task Saturday Safari, every week from 8pm.

The Tetley Hut, Ham Lane: Lewes Sea Cadets, 6.45-9.15pm Tuesdays, for boys and girls aged 12-18. Sailing, canoeing, barbecues, national vocational qualifications and much more. Contact Heather Wells 01273 487234 or email tsdefiance.lewes@btinternet.com


Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Road: Newhaven Community Choir – new choir for Newhaven. £5 a session, first session is free, 7-9pm. No need to read music of have previous singing experience, just come along. For details/ bookings ring Stella Clifford 01273 611861.

Shakespeare Hall: Aerobics, Tues 6.30-7.30pm; Ballroom Fitness, Wed 11am-noon; Zumba, Wed 7.30-8.30pm. Louise 07786 425758.


Church Hall, Bramber Avenue: Two Left Feet, line dance class for absolute beginners, Wednesdays, 9.45-10.45am. No partner needed, suitable for all ages. Phone Joy on 01273 587714 for details.

Kempton House, Cavell Avenue: Over 60’s can stay healthy or work their way back to good health with movement to music at an Extend class. Wednesdays, 10-11am. Further details from Jenny on 01273 515373.


Castle Car Park: The Pevensey Ghost Walk with Robert Stevens Bassett, every Saturday, 7.30pm.

The Bay Hotel, 2 Eastbourne Road (01323) 768645: The Big Jazz, new weekly Jazz Night, every Tuesday 8-10.45pm. Free entry.


Downs Leisure Centre, Sutton Road: Seaford Kurlers, every Tues 2-4pm, £2.50 per session. New age kurling is a fun game for everyone and all levels of abilities, played indoors on a Badminton court. Details from June Wood 01323 895376.

Mercread Youth Club: Zumba, Tues/Thurs 10-11am. Louise 07786 425758.

St Peter’s Church Hall, Blatchington: Yoga classes for the less able organised by the Seaford Group of the Eastbourne and South Wealden Multiple Sclerosis Society, 11am-noon Thursdays. £4 per lesson.

The Trek Club: Zumba, Fri 7-8pm. Louise 07786 425758.


The Crown House, 57 Marina: Jazz Night with Duncan J Reeks and band Bop2Bossa, 8.30pm Tues. Admission free. More information at www.bop2bossa.com


Village Hall: Embroidery workshop, Tues 1-3pm. Contact Wendy Connor for information 01273 479351.



Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – The Unsaid: Diplomatic Incidents by Dr Biljana Scott, 4pm May 13; The Music and Legacy of Joy Division with Kevin Cummins, Paul Morley, 8.30pm May 17. Artists in Conversation (Founders Room) – Bart Beale and Yves Degryse, Land’s End, 11am May 11; Tristan Sharps, Dreamthinkspeak, 11am May 14; Sian Edwards, King Priam, 11am May 17.


Cliffe Church Hall: Lewes Footpaths Group meeting, The Lost Villages of Sussex by Peter Harris, 7.30pm May 16.

St Thomas Church Hall, Cliffe: Lewes Riverside Club – Changing Seasons by Reg Lanaway, 2pm May 11; Himalayan Enchantment by David Lang, 2pm May 14.

The Royal Oak, Station Street: Sussex Military History Society – Victorian and Edwardian Training Ships by Trevor Cox, 8pm May 16.


Age Concern Day Club, West Quay: Newhaven Gardening Society – Dragons and Damsels in your Garden by Phil Belden, 7.30pm May 17.


Luxford Day Centre, Luxford Way (01444) 452524: Sussex Family History Group – From Strangers to Citizens by Jane Le Cluse, 7.30pm May 14.



In front of Battle Abbey: Battle’s Christina Heritage, 2 miles with John Harmer, 2.15pm May 13.


Car park: Rockpool Ramble, one mile with Adrian Harrison, National Trust, 10am May 13. Booking essential 01323 423197; Beakers, Roads and Shafts, 8 miles with Graham Kean, Wealden District Council, 10am May 17.


Stanmer Park (Southern end car park): Mid Sussex Ramblers – Hollingbury Circular, 3.5 miles with Jill 01273 480167, 6.30pm May 16.


Village Stores, South Chailey: Hidden Common Land Trails and Tracks, 5 miles with Dan Ross, LDC (01273) 484408, 10am May 13.


Recreation Ground car park: Mid Sussex Ramblers – Up and Down and Back, 10 miles with Frances 01273 842628, 10am May 12.


Car park at foot of Downs: Beachy Head Ramblers – Take the Road to See The Light, 11.5 miles with Andrew (01323) 761179, 10am May 16.


Fairlight road picnic site: Beachy Head Ramblers – Saxon and Norman Ways, 12 miles with Tim and Pauline 01424 223714, 10am May 13.


Car park outside Glynde Railway Station: Nordic Fitness outdoor exercise class from Glynde: Over Mount Caburn, 3.75 miles with Nigel Bentley, Oakleafe Sussex Nordic Walking, 6.50pm May 16. Booking essential 07930 738034.


Cuckoo Trail car park off South Road: Hailsham Ramblers - five miles along the Wealdway to Hellingly (01323) 842806, 9.20am May 16; or short stroll in Whitbread Hollow (01323) 440624, 9.20am May 16.

Outside council offices, Vicarage Lane: Hailsham Ramblers - Eight miles walk through Brightling Down and Oxley Green, bring a packed lunch, 9.20am May 13 (01323) 833995.


Village car park: Beachy Head Ramblers – Across the Fields to Grandad’s, 5 miles with Sylvia 01323 469196, 6.30pm May 17.


North Street car park: Lewes Footpaths Group – Gun Hill with Jill and Graham 473779, 9.30am May 16.

Railway Station: Sussex Pathfinders – 12.5 mile walk, 10am May 13.


Racecourse car park: Mid Sussex Ramblers – Landscapes and Cowslips, 9.5 miles with William 01444 831098, 10.30am May 15.


Wannock Road Recreation Ground: Polegate Ramblers – Laughton Circular, 5 miles with Alex and Denise 487489, 9.30am May 17; Maybe Mayfield in May Will Be Magical, 10 miles with Susan and John 01435 812351, picnic only, 9.30am May 17.


Buckle car park, Marine Parade: Tide Mills Historic Guided Tour, 2pm May 13. Tickets from Seaford Tourist Information Centre, 37 Church Street.


Butts Brow car park: Beachy Head Ramblers – Butts Brow Circular via Friston Forest, 6 miles with Jennifer 07939 522617, 10am May 12.