What’s On May 4



Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Road: Fringe Event – Mike Sheer, Undergod, 7pm May 8/9.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: Krater Comedy Club, until May 6; The Mondays: The Fringe Show, 9pm May 4/5; The Humble Quest For A Universal Genius, 8pm May 5; Paul Dabek: Truant Trickster, 6pm May 6/7; Dusty Limits: Darkling, 7pm May 6; Bent Double, 7.30pm May 6; Mat Ricardo: Three Balls and a New Suit, 7pm May 7; Minkly’s Night of Mirth, 8pm May 8; Rayguns Look Real Enough, 7.30pm May 8/9; Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer Chap Hop Hurrah, 9pm May 8/9; Krater Comedy Club, May 10-13.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: Charity Chuckle, 8.30pm May 8.

Laughing Horse, The Quadrant, 12 North Street (01273) 733238: Matt Green: Playful, 7.30pm May 6; Charmian Hughes, Charmageddon! 5pm May 6.

Laughing Horse at the Temple, 121 Western Road: Fringe Event – Mutton Go Psychic, 4.30pm May 8-10; Hanks and Conran: Pigs In Blankets, 10.45pm May 10/11.

Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince’s Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – The In Crowd with David Mills, 10.15pm May 6.

Northern Lights Bar, 6 Little East Street (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Comedy Power Hour, Joy Carter, Gary Colman and Jay Sodagar, 6.30pm May 5;

Fringe Event - Smorgasboard: Stand-Up Comedy by The Sea, 8.30pm May 5.

The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road: Fringe Event - Drew Cameron Stand Up Chameleon, 10.45pm May 7-9; Stella Graham – Karma Comedian, 9.30pm May 9-12.

Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street 01273 917272: Fringe Event – Foil, Arms & Hog, 5pm May 5-7; Jessica Pidsley’s I Can Make You Thin(k), 7pm May 5.


The Hawth Theatre (01293) 553636: Barnstormers Comedy Club, 7.45pm May 4.



Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Jessica Grimes clarinet with Fiachra Garvey piano, 1pm May 5; Jayson Gillham piano, 1pm May 7; Michael Partington guitar, 1pm May 8; Jerusalem Quartet, 7.30pm May 8; Steven Osborne piano, 1pm May 9. St Bartholomew’s Church, Ann Street: Fringe Event - The London Chorus, Dhammapada, 7pm May 5; Polyphony with BREMF Consort of Voices, 8pm May 7.

St Nicholas Church, Dyke Road (01273) 709709: Fringe Event - Guitar Masters Concert with Marco Ramelli, 7.45pm May 10.

Union Church, New Road (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Hullabaloo Community Quire, 5pm/8pm May 6.


Glyndebourne (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Hagen Quartet, 3pm May 6.


All Saints Church, Eaton Road: Lunchtime Recital – Sharon Elizabeth soprano, Paul Lewis piano, 1pm May 10. Free, retiring collection.

The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street (01273) 201801: Fringe Event – Vocal Gymnastics, 7.30pm May 5.


Garden Entrance, Lewes Priory: The Sound of Sacred Music, 7.30pm May 11. The evening begins with a candle-lit procession from the east end. Bring a night light or candle. Admission free, donations to the Trust warmly welcomed.

St John sub Castro Church, Abinger Place: Classical Concert, 4pm May 6, soloists recital, 3pm May 6.


St Leonard’s Church, Church Street: Duo Figaro, violin and viola duo, 1pm May 5. Admission free, retiring collection.



Brighton Centre 0844 847 1515: The Osmonds Up Close and personal Tour, 6.30pm May 5; The Vaccines, 6.30pm May 7.

Easy Bar, 9-10 Cranbourne Street (01273) 710928: Miss Dangerous and Urban Flava presents A night of live Brighton Hip Hop, 8pm May 4.

Fishbowl, 74 East Street (01273) 777505: Gareth Stephens, 9pm May 4; What’s Wrong With Groovin’? 9pm May 5; Residents Holiday Throwdown, 8pm May 6.

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street: Fringe Event - Jazz Smugglers Play Gershwin and Friends, 7.30pm May 6.

Globe: Rum Fridays and BOYF, 8pm May 4; Chamboche and alphabet City, 9pm May 5; Djs, 9pm May 6; Global Bass, 9pm May 9; Hang The DJ/Alternative Great Escape, 9pm May 10.

Hampton, 57 Upper North Street (01273) 731347: Modern Life is Rubbish, 9pm May 5.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: Brighton Rock, 11pm May 5; Dennis Rollins’ Velocity Trio, 8pm May 7; Barb Jungr: Man In The Long Black Coat, 8pm May 9.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: Greek Night with George Kypreos Band, 9pm May 4; Elissa Francheschi, 8.30pm May 4; Bark Like A Dog Blues Jam, 8pm May 6; Sadie and the Faded Ladies, 7pm May 7; The Great Escape, May 10/11.

Signalman: Open Mic Night, 8pm May 6.

The Mesmerist, 1-3 Prince Albert Street (01273) 328542: Something For Nothing EP Release Party, 7.30pm May 4; DRUGS, 8pmMay 5; Soul Casserole, 9pm May 5; Holland, 8pm May 7; Jamie and The Portraits, 8pm May 8; The Great Escape, May 10; Unhooked Generation, 8pm May 10; Bad Bad Whiskey, May 10.

The Victory, 6 Duke Street (01273) 326555: Up Against It, 9pm May 5; Blues Sunday, noon May 8; Open Mic, 8pm May 10.

The Worlds End, 60-61 London Road (01273) 692311: Videostars, National Star Wars Day special, 8pm May 4; Fringe Festival – Wynd! 8pm May 5.

White Rabbit, 13-14 Kensington Gardens: WTF? Brighton, 8pm May 4; Hush Hush, 8pm May 6; The Move-ons Open Mic Night, 8pm May 10.


The Hawth Theatre (01293) 553636: Blue Bird Club, 7pm May 9.


Congress Theatre (01323) 412000: Stuart Townend Live in Concert, 9.30pm May 5.

Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: Louis Chavannes vocals, Mike Hatchard piano, at the regular coffee morning, 10am-noon May 5.


Hailsham Pavilion (01323) 841414: Fairport Convention, 7.30pm May 5.


Ancient Mariner, 59 Rutland Road (01273) 748596: The Acoustic Sessions, 8pm May 5; Soul Casserole and barbecue, 8pm May 6.


Elephant & Castle: Lewes Saturday Folk Club – May Songs with Maids of Honour, May 5.

The Royal Oak, Station Street: Folk at The Royal Oak – Rosie Davis, Joe Locker and Bob Winquist, 8pm May 10.


Royal British Legion, Claremont Road: Seaford Folk Club – Singers and Musicians, 7.45pm May 4.


The Ravenswood: Sunday Lunch Jazz: Pete Mabey Band, May 6; Jazz Nucleus, May 13.


The Elephant Cafe, Sheffield Park (01825) 790200: Curved Air, May 6.


Pavilion Theatre, Marine Parade (01903) 206206: Talon, Eagles tribute band, 7.30pm May 9.



Memorial Hall: Battle Light Opera Group present Half A Sixpence, 7.30pm until May 5 (Sat mat 2.30pm). Tickets from 01424 211140, armstrongm@tesco.net or Battle Post Office.


Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Faber Social, Edna O’Brien, Simon Armitage, Andrew O’Hagan, Linda Grant, 9pm May 5; Silent, 8pm May 5-7; Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, 10.30am May 6 (5-9yrs); Lauren Child, Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes, 3pm May 6 (9yrs plus); Trisha Brown Dance Company, 8pm May 8/9.

Caroline of Brunswick Pub, 39 Ditchling Road (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Loving London: The Capital Cabaret, 7pm May 10/17.

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street (01273) 709709: Hansel and Gretel, 2pm/4pm May 5/6, noon/2pm May 7.

Iambic Arts Theatre, 38 Regent Street (01273) 572101: Lapin Wants Ice Cream, puppet show, 2.30pm May 5, 3.30pm May 6-10; Cheres Amies, 7pm May 7, 9.30pm May 8, 7.30pm May 9; The Lover The Wife, 7.30pm May 5/6; Shakespeare Unbound, A Gift to the Future, 5pm May 10, 2.30pm May 11/12.

Komedia, 44-47 Gardner Street 0845 293 8480: From Kabul with Love, 5pm May 5; Acting Up: Found Stories, 4.30pm May 6 (9yrs plus); Des O’Connor: Stripped and Polished, 9pm May 7; East End Cabaret: The Revolution Will Be Sexual, 6pm May 8/9.

Latest MusicBar, 14-17 Manchester Street (01273) 687171: Stories With Tea, 4pm May 6; Kompact Cabaret, 8pm May 6; The Stage Events with Michael Wharley, 11.30am May 6; The Stage Events with Thomas Hescott, 2.30pm May 6; Carry On Brighton, May 8/9.

Laughing Horse at The Hobgoblin, 31 York Place: Kiss of the Red Menace, 4.30pm/8.15pm May 5-7/27, 4.30pm/9.30pm May 26.

Laughing Horse @ The Temple, 121 Western Road: Threadbare Greebo, 4.30pm May 5-7.

Madame Geisha Nightclub, 75-79 High Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Pique, May 6-9.

Marlborough Theatre, 4 Prince’s Street (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – Pig-with-the-face-of-a-boy, 10.15pm May 10/11; Rose Collis in Trouser-Wearing Characters, 7pm May 4/7/8.

New Venture Theatre, Bedford Place (01273) 746118: A Streetcar Named Desire, May 5-19.

St Nicholas Rest Garden, Dyke Road: Fringe Event - Bee Detective, noon/2.30pm/4.30pm May 5, 11am/1.30pm/4pm May 6/7.

Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton University, Grand Parade (01273) 917272: Rolling on The Floor Laughing, May 6.

Theatre Royal 08448 717 650: Steel Magnolias, 7.30pm until May 5 (Sat mat 2.30pm); Fringe Event – Interiors, 7.30pm May 8-10.

The Basement (01273) 699733: Fringe Event - Domestic, timed appointments every 20 minutes, 3.30pm-7.50pm May 5-9.

The Grand Hotel (01273) 709709: Fringe event - Private Lives, 3.15pm May 5/6.

The Sabai Pavilion, Victoria Gardens, Grand Parade 08717 050705: The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Carnival Queens, until May 27.

Thistle Brighton, Kings Road (01273) 763244: Faulty Towers The Dinging experience, Tues-Sun 8pm for 8.30pm, Sat/Sun 1pm for 1.30pm, May 5-27.

The Old Municipal Market, Circus Street (01273) 709709: Land’s End, 6.30pm/9pm May 10-13.

Upstairs at Three and Ten, 10 Steine Street 01273 917272: Fringe Event – The Village, May 5/7; The Unquiet Dead, 1pm May 5-7; Luna’s History of Madness, 9.30pm May 7; Connection Unsecure: Continue? 7pm May 7-9; Truth Doodler, Gareth Morinan, 10pm May 8/9; Harlow’s Monkeys, 7pm May 10-12.

The Rock Inn, 7 Rock Street, Kemptown (01273) 697054: Big Daddy Vs Giant Haystacks, 8pm May 5/12.

The Warren, Wagner Hall (01273) 917272: Snow White, 1.30pm May 5-8.

Vardean School, Balfour Road (01273) 917272: Fringe Event – The Comedy Illusionists, Slightly Unusual, 7.30pm May 10-14/17-19.


Festival Theatre (01243) 781312: The Way of the World, until May 5.


The Hawth Theatre (01293) 553636: Hormonal Housewives, 7.30pm May 4; The Chuckle Brothers, The Return of Pirates of the River Rother 2, In Stranger Tights, 2pm May 5; Fever Pitch, 8pm May 5; Born In The Gardens, 7.45pm May 10/11.


Congress Theatre (01323) 412000: Save the Last Dance For Me, 7.30pm May 8-12 (Thurs/Sat mat 2.30pm).

Devonshire Park Theatre (01323) 412000: Diary of Anne Frank, 7.45pm May 1-5 (Sat mat 2.30pm); The Goldoliers, 7.30pm May 8-12 (Wed/Sat mat 2.30pm).


White Rock Theatre (01424) 462288: Ladies Night, 7.30pm May 4; Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, May 8-12.


Hove Park (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Barricade, 9pm May 5.

The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street (01273) 201801: Fringe Event – The Department of Unreliable Memoirs, every 10 mins 2pm-5pm/8pm-10pm May 9; Naïve Dance Masterclass, 7pm May 6/13; The Table: New and Improved! 5pm/8pm May 7, 8pm May 8.


All Saints Centre, Friars Walk: Field of Asphodel, 7.30pm May 6 (12yrs plus).


Village Hall: Newick Amateur Dramatic Society presents A Touch of Danger, 8pm May 9-12. Box office 01825 722359 or 01825 722985.


Community Centre, Windsor Way: Polegate Community Association Drama Group present Stepping Out, 7.45pm May 9-12 (Sat mat 2.45pm). Tickets from Archer and Partner, 48 High Street (01323) 483348 or www.polegatedramagroup.co.uk


Assembly Hall Theatre (01892) 530613/532072: Wild Boyz, 7.30pm May 4; Chicago, 7.30pm May 7-10, 5pm/8.30pm May 11/12.


Pavilion Theatre, Marine Parade (01903) 206206: Magical Extravaganza on Ice, 7.30pm May 8.



Drusillas Park (01323) 874100: The Fat Controller, May 7.


De la Warr Pavilion (01424) 229111: Life the Lid led by Wendy Ann Greenhalgh, May 6.


Horns Lodge: Long Man Morris Men as guests of Old Star Morris, 8pm May 4.


Village Hall: Village Market, 10am-noon May 5.


Winter Garden (01323) 412000: Tea Dance, 2pm-5pm May 8.


Charleston Farmhouse (01323) 811626: Ridgeview Winery Tour and Tasting, 6.30pm May 10.


Wilderness Wood: Bluebells at Wilderness Wood, family photo shoots May 5/6/12; Bluebell Cream Teas, May 7.


Station Road car park: Cycle Ride – Spring Along the Trail with Andy Mitchell, ESCC, 2pm May 5.


23 East Street: Norman Baker MP Surgery, May 5. By appointment only, please call 01273 480281.

Gun Garden, Lewes Castle: Garland Day, May 7. Children to present garlands 10am; 11am dancers and musicians including The Knots of May and their guests Chanctonbury King Morris Men and Plumpton Black Brook Morris. Procession to Cliffe precinct with more dancing at John Harvey Tavern 12.15pm and the Dorset 1.15pm.


Memorial Hall: Mayfield Bookfair, 9am-3pm May 5. Eighteen second hand hook dealers, admission free, refreshments available. Details (01435) 864634.


Railway Station: Cycle Ride – Bluebell Bonanza with Maxine Mears, 1.30pm May 6.


Michelham Priory (01323) 844224: The Celtic Festival, May 6/7.


Wimbles Farm, Foords Lane: Cycle Ride – High Weald to South downs loop with Mark Ramsay-Smith, 9am May 4.



War Memorial Hall: Alfriston Art Club’s Annual Exhibition and Sale of Paintings, 10.30am-5.30pm May 5-7. Free entry, refreshments available, sorry no credit card facilities (01323) 870717.


Under Ground Theatre, Grove Road: Andrew Voller, 10am-4pm May 5-Aug 24.


Village Hall, Gilberts Drive: East Dean and Friston Art Exhibition and sale of member’s work, 2pm-5pm May 5, 10am-5pm May 6, 10am-4pm May 7.


Chequer Mead (01342) 302000: The Indigo Group, May 10-16.


The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street (01273) 201801: Fringe Event – Miniclick, Pecha Kucha and Brighton University, photography and moving image, 8pm May 9.


Hop Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane: People and Places; Past and present – Karren Urben and Karen Norfolk, 10.30am-5pm Tues-Sat, noon-5pm Sun,until May 10.

Patisserie, 5 Station Street: Meditation on Reeds by Sarah Paget, 8am-5.30pm Mon, 8.30am-6pm Tues-Sat, until May 31.


The Half Moon: Landscapes of Streat Lane and Beyond, showing throughout May.


Trinity Theatre (01892) 678678: Will Taylor, until May 12.



Brighton Dome (01273) 709709: Fringe Event – Uses of Religion for Non-Believers by Alain de Botton, 3pm May 5; Life, Death, Love and War, The Essential Guide to Homer with Charlotte Higgins, 1pm May 6; Vanessa Redgrave CBE: A Life in Pictures, 8pm May 5; Gabrielle Walker – Antarctica, in conversation with Caroline Lucas MP, 6pm May 7; Book Slam, Jon McGregor, Jackie Kay, Sapphire, 8pm May 7; A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron, Jamie Byng, Lemn Sissay and Salena Godden, 8pm May 8; Granta: Is Britain Still Great? Polly Toynbee, Adam Foulds, Sarfraz Manzoor, Kamila Shamsie, 7.30pm May 9. Artists in Conversation (Founders Room) – Jim Cullen and Pat Kinevane, Silent, 11am May 7; Diane Madden, Trisha Brown Dance Company, 11am May 9; Actors and Creative Team Interiors, 11am May 10.


Ventnor Hall, Central United Reform Church, Blatchington Road (01273) 298159: Sussex Family History Group – The History of the British Seaside by Don Dray, 7.30pm May 9.


St Thomas Church Hall, Cliffe: Lewes Riverside Club – A Sussex Farm during 1950’s by Ian Everest, 2pm May 4.


Weald and Downland Open Air Museum (01243 811348): Uncovering the Mystery and Meaning of a Medieval Tithe Barn by David Leviatin, 6.30pm May 10.


Civic Centre: Uckfield decorative and Fine Arts Society – Don Giovanni, The Impossible Opera by Jonathan Hinden, 2.30pm May 9. New members and guests welcome.



Exit of free shoppers car park: Nordic Fitness outdoor exercise class from Alfriston: Along the Riverside, 3.5 miles with Nigel Bentley, Oakleafe Sussex Nordic Walking, 6.50pm May 9. Booking essential 07930 738034.

High and Over car park: Beachy Head Ramblers – Green Way to A Long Man, 12.5 miles with Colin W 01323 647665, 10.30am May 6.


Caneheath, opposite the Old Oak Inn: Abbots Woodland Ramblings, 5.25 miles with Nigel Bentley, Oakleafe Sussex Ramblers, 9.50am May 10. Booking recommended 07930 738034.


Fabrica, Ship Street: Fringe Event - Sea of Voices, interactive seafront walk between Fabrica and the marina, noon-7pm May 5-27 (until 11pm May 5/26).


Lane End Common car park: Archaeology and Local History Group Walk with Linda Ball, Chailey Commons Society, 10am May 5.


Jack and Jill windmills car park: Mid Sussex Ramblers – Chattri Circular, 55 miles with Diane 01444 450493, 10am May 6.


Golden Galleon public house: Beachy Head Ramblers – See The Sisters, 5 miles with Irenee 01323 471263, 6.30pm May 10.


Crowlink car park off A259: Mid Sussex Ramblers – Seven Sisters Circular via Jevington, 10 miles with Sue 01825 722135, 10am May 5.


Bus Station, Waitrose Stop: Lewes Footpaths Group – Isfield, 9.41am Bus 29 to Isfield with Heather 473505, May 7.


Wannock Road Recreation Ground: Polegate Ramblers – Chiddingly and Gun Hill, 4.25 miles with Howard and Hilary 472174, 9.30am May 10; Herstmonceux Boreham Street Circular, 9.75 miles with John R 724972, 9.30am May 10.


Pump Barn: Ebb Tide, 1.5 miles with Ronnie Reed, Sussex Wildlife Trust, 4pm May 5. Booking essential 01273 497561.


Pevensey Castle: The Two Castle Ramble, 13 to 15 miles with Mark Ramsay-Smith, 9.30am May 9. Booking essential 01435 810390.


Wimbles Farm, Foords Lane: Warbletong Country Parish Charity Walk, 6 to 7 miles with Mark Ramsay Smith. Breast Cancer Charity walk. 9.30am May 6. Booking essential 01435 810390.


Butts Brow car park: Beachy Head Ramblers – Butts Brow Cicular, 12 miles with Geoff F 01323 730915, 10am May 9.