Worthing's Lady C clashes with Piers Morgan in Hitler spat about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby

Worthing's Lady C clashed with Piers Morgan on television after he called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's child the 'first black royal baby'.

Lady Colin Campbell
Lady Colin Campbell

Lady C, whose full name is Lady Colin Campbell, referenced Hitler on Good Morning Britain yesterday morning during her passionate speech. She was invited on the show with Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell to discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's recent announcement that they are expecting a child in the spring.

Breakfast show host Piers said: "We might have the first black baby Buckingham Palace has ever seen. It could be a wonderful thing."

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In response, Mr Burrell said: "Yes, absolutely, it will unite the country."

However Lady Campbell, who lives in Castle Goring outside Worthing, disagreed.

She said: "But can I say, first of all being Jamaican, having been brought up in Jamaica, which is a multi-racial society... I'm very sorry, the baby's not going to be black.

"It's going to have black blood, but its also going to have white blood. You can't be seven-eighths white and called black. I think that is racism of the highest order."

Piers replied: "Really? That's interesting."

Lady Campbell carried on, dropping in a reference to the Nazi leader. She said: "Well that's rather like Hitler's definition of a Jew. I'm sorry, if you're one-eighth Jewish, you're completely Jewish and therefore, into the ovens.

"I'm sorry, therefore if you are partly black, you're partly black, you're not fully black."

After a pause, Piers said: "That is an interesting observation to make at 8am in the morning."

Lady Campbell quickly replied: "It's accurate as well."

Apparently keen to diffuse the tension, Mr Burrell said: "Well, I think it will be a wonderful baby."