A guide to summer wedding fashion

Wedding season is in full swing and it's not just brides who will be meticulously planning their dresses.

Wedding fashion
Wedding fashion

So if you’ve got a big wedding coming up and you’re worried about the dos and don’ts of what to wear or just need some tips on this summer’s key wedding trends then read on and watch our video where stylist Naomi Isted runs through this year’s top looks

Up and down the country beautiful couples are tying the knot, in the most exquisite dresses and gorgeous suits... but let’s face it while we all love to look at the bridal party most of us are more concerned with our own outfits!

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From being the best dressed guest, to making sure you’re not in agony by the end of a long day thanks to high heels, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to preparing for a wedding this summer. So what are the main things to think about?

Here are our 3 top tips

1 Dress code – while weddings in this day and age are usually much more relaxed affairs than in years gone by, some weddings will still have a very ‘dressy’ dress code. Check your invite, if it says black tie, or even white tie then that means suits and tails for the men and formal dress for the lady…similarly if the invite says smart casual or relaxed, then whatever you do, don’t go overly formal – you will feel out of place and stick out like a sore thumb in the photos!

2 Don’t upstage the bride – and that doesn’t mean you can’t wear white (see our video for a way to wear white without getting mistaken for the bride). While we all want to look our best as a wedding guest, the day is really about the bride (or groom) so make sure not to go too OTT on your outfit, jewellery, make up and footwear. Stand out but don’t STAND OUT!

3 Comfort – and we’re not just talking about making sure your shoes aren’t too tight, or your spanx aren’t cutting off your circulation. You want to feel your best on your…I mean THE big day. Take a few pics of yourself in your outfit, selfies if you like, sit down in your dress to make sure you feel comfortable with the way it sits as you will be sitting for a long time, walk around for 20 minutes to make sure you feel happy at all angles….and if you’re really brave…ask your partner how you look.

Oh and tip number four, have fun (there’s nothing better than a summer wedding..!) and watch our video for some bang on trend wedding outfit ideas from stylist Naomi Isted who has joined with Suuna Sunglasses to give you her top tips.